My First Birthday

I am quite certain that Scotch and soda and a Dilly bar for dinner are a sign that blogging tonight is a serious mistake. But, I have it heavy on my chest so I have to say it. Tomorrow is my 47th birthday. In many ways I feel 33. In many ways I feel 97. I want to take on every single broken thing and fix it with my own bare hands. And yet, some mornings, I require a pep talk to put both shoes on. This year though, it is not about my bad hip, my throbbing-perpetually-sleep-deprived brain, or my 5 apps to help me track my lists. This birthday is a first. This will be my first … [Read more...]

Brown University Class of 2022: It All Came Down to Frozen Lemonade


For weeks, I ran through the various scenarios by which move-in day could have played out; the "Tension-Filled-Fighting-Family" scenario, the "Pinterest-For-Life-Its-All-Teamwork-and-Laughs" scenario, and even the least likely "Everything-That-Could-Go-Wrong-Does-But-I-Remain-a-Paragon-of-Grace" scenario. I did not imagine a scenario in which an older Frozen Lemonade Stand vendor would fix everything. We arrived in Providence a day early. The idea was to check out the campus, the town, and breathe a little before the chaos of moving in. Our first stop was to check out Maisy's dorm … [Read more...]

The Last Night is a lot Like the First One

PLEASE let this night end....

I have just gulped down an 8 oz bourbon and soda that was actually just bourbon. Don't judge me. How else is one supposed to wash down the sleeve of Double Stuff Oreos they have scarfed down while pacing in the kitchen? The sugar and the bourbon have finally made their peace in my stomach and I can get on with my storytelling. April 7, 2000 We opened the front door to our tiny apartment and stepped over the threshold triumphantly. We had accomplished something monumental, exhilarating and utterly terrifying. We had just transported our newborn baby girl, aka The Baby, a full … [Read more...]

Launching Maisy: A Year of Trauma, Turbulence and Tears…Lots and Lots of Tears

Maisy's Bangs Then

I have cried at least once every single day since December 15, 2017. Some tears were stinging hot ones that threatened but never actually fell. Some were accompanied by uncontrollable, choking-body-shaking-make-up-smearing-can't-even-breathe sobs. For those of you keeping count, that is 239 days of tears. I am certain this is the most I have cried in any one year in all my 47 years on this earth. Why? Why so much crying? In three short weeks, we will make the 6 hour drive up to Providence, Rhode Island where we will leave our first-born child, Maisy, at Brown University. December … [Read more...]

I know…it has been a long time.

Our Fish

Believe me, I have missed you all too. I have missed the cathartic, cleansed feeling I get just after I hit "publish." I have missed sharing the laughs and tears and virtual "Yeah, Girl! You GO!!'s" from you. I have even missed the hard, honest, sometimes mean-spirited, irreverent comments. So, where have I been these last 18 months? Physically, in the exact same spaces as ever: my home in Chester County, PA, more often my office down the road, and probably MOST often, wandering the aisles of Bed, Bath and Beyond marveling at ALL of the home goods and gadgets that I KNOW will make … [Read more...]