I Love Being Loved. Sometimes I’m Not


  A Deconstruction of Two Patient Complaints Chances are if you are, like me, a FB addict, it is because you enjoy being around people you like who in turn, like you. We are having a 24/7 cocktail party—milling around—chatting, laughing, sometimes crying. Our conversations are often light, sometimes heavy but usually leave us feeling somehow fulfilled. I live for being loved in life: husband, kids, patients, FB friends and followers. And it kills me when I'm not. Yesterday, I heard of two very unhappy patients in my practice. Those that know me well know that I am absolutely … [Read more...]

Tricare? This Is Our Great Idea to Insure Our Service Men and Women?


  Breathe first. Ok. So I have a patient whose husband is currently serving active duty abroad and has done so for umpteen years. She is covered by Tricare. Till now, it has been acceptable. Perhaps heavier on paperwork but otherwise fine. Unfortunately, my patient developed a serious liver condition. She began by seeing a local gastroenterologist but when her condition began to deteriorate, I wanted her to see a specialist in liver diseases aka: a hepatologist. I happen to know a great one from my training at Jefferson. I called Dr. R who was willing, happy and able to help my … [Read more...]

“Membership Has A Price…and It’s F’n High


A few weeks ago I posted some comments regarding a new membership style of practice that I had heard about from a patient.   In the last few weeks, I have been approached, as a “top doctor in my field.” By this very same company. For the sake of discretion, I will refer to this company as Lucy Health (Lucy is our family dog--who I hate, but that is beside the point.) Now, I have in my hands, the exact printed materials that Lucy Health is distributing to doctors and patients. What I would like to do, is go over, point by point, the “advantages” to being a Lucy Member and then add … [Read more...]