I’ve Flunked? Really??

From a patient via email this morning: "You've flunked, I don't mean a D+, I mean an F." Hard to read at 6am..or anytime. So, true to my life policy, where is the learning point here? This patient had left my practice a month ago. I sent him a note asking why. He was not shy in his response. Further quotes include "your practice is an empty shell, people bustling around...just not YOU." He goes on to point out that in 5 visits over 18 months, he saw me exactly none (except for a "fleeting hello in the hallway." So, if my shell is missing me, how is it that I am there early morning, … [Read more...]

We Are Treating People Not Lab Results…Aren’t We?


Ok. Fair warning. I am about to vent. As in seriously go off. Proceed at your own risk. At least two or three times per week I meet a patient who is new to my office because for years or months she has been complaining of the same thing over and over and feels she really has not gotten any help from her doctor. She has been told that despite her symptoms, all of her tests are normal therefore she is fine. Don't get me wrong, as a business owner, I would love to capitalize on this epidemic. However, as a proud physician, I am so disappointed in some of my colleagues that I feel I must … [Read more...]

Our Biggest Failure as PCPs: Obesity


Wednesday 8/1/12: 13 out of 37 patients I saw asked me direct questions about starting a weight loss program. Naturally, I got to thinking. Here I am, giving away pedicures to encourage people to get screened for cervical cancer, filling nylon bags with info about drugs for college kids, practically begging people to have a colonoscopy and yet I am subconsciously sidestepping my patient's number one health problem: their weight. If I analyze my success at treating high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes, I do a pretty darn good job getting most people to goal. However, my … [Read more...]