A Lost Shrimp Bisque And the Lessons for the Business of Our Dreams


You may be tempted to make inferences based on the title of this article. If you are assuming that we are professional chefs who emerged from culinary school with the skills to ultimately build a restaurant empire, you would be very very wrong. I am a serious foodie and wannabe chef. My husband is not. In October of 2001 we had just learned that our second baby was on the way. Thrilled to surprise our family with the news, we decided to host Thanksgiving Dinner. I planned the meal meticulously. The star was to be a shrimp bisque. For weeks, I collected shrimp shells from friends and … [Read more...]

Sore A**+ Sore Hand= Great Day 1


Okay people get your brains out of the gutter --I know what you're thinking. Admittedly I did blow through half of Shades of Grey last night. All I can say is crap… double crap… holy crap. For those of you who haven't read it yet, let me explain it this way. When I first bought the book in the airport I thought "it's a New York Times number one bestseller--- it's got to be good." By the time I our flight landed, I suddenly found myself trying to figure out how to turn the barf bags into a book over. I instinctively put the book facedown so folks wouldn't know what I was reading. Just hours … [Read more...]

Rain Sensors

My First Car

When I was 18, endless hours as a coat check girl finally earned me enough money to buy a 1984 Ford Mustang. Recently, when I told Sam about that car,  he said "Cool Mom!" --his 10 year old mind frantic at the thought of a sleek, fast, gas guzzler.  No, no. There was exactly nothing cool or fast about MY car. One day,  I remember driving to the local library to study; a habit born to help me escape my father's drunken Arabic yelling and my mother's quiet crying. 18 is just too young to fight an unending war in your house. Long before, I had learned that at the library, I escaped into my … [Read more...]

A Veteran’s Day Tribute


On June 1, 2010 I walked into a patient room with a very bad attitude. JC was 26 years old and here as a new patient. My message on the schedule said “chronic pain—needs meds.” I groaned internally and had a dissertation in my brain about these “young drug seekers”. I was annoyed that this “one” was going to waste my precious time. Like the overly important doctor I am not, I tore into the exam room white coat blazing behind me. Without looking up from the paper I made a cursory introduction and put out my hand. Something about his grip made me look up. It was then that I met … [Read more...]

How Bad Hair, PMS, and Daylight Savings Time Caused Me to Eat a Pencil Eraser

bad hair pic

  The following are true events, not embellished or exaggerated in the least. Last night was the 15th Anniversary Gala for the Mommy’s Light Lives On Fund. I was so excited to attend this great event for an amazing organization that I actually left the office a bit early. At precisely 4:45 pm I blew threw the doors of the hair salon I had entrusted with my “up do” for the evening. Never mind that I had never been there. How hard could putting my frizz head up in a nice bun of some kind? Apparently very, very hard. One hour later, I had a head full of contrived … [Read more...]