5 New Year Resolutions for 2013: Clean Teeth, Worn Shoes, Nicer Me

my favorite shoes

5. Floss Every Night Dental hygiene has made a liar out of me. Three times a year at least I look into the earnest face of my favorite dentist and act shocked. "Really, they are bad...again?? I just don't get it--where does all that plaque come from?" The reality is that most nights, I am lucky to get my shoes off before I fall into bed. Until now, flossing EVERY single night was just not on my list. More than having clean teeth, my resolution to floss nightly will keep me honest and keep my darling dentist from continuing to scratch her head in disbelief. 4. Exercise More My little … [Read more...]

The House I Grew Up In, The One I May Never Revisit

This reconiliation business is hard: not just emotionally, logistically. As I ease into 2013 armed with resolve to rekindle a relationship with my father, I find the need to understand the barriers between us. My father lives in the same house I grew up in. Vincentown, NJ is a tiny town in southern New Jersey that is an easy 90 minute drive from here. He does not have a computer but he does have a telephone. Why don't we communicate more? Quite simply, I hate talking on the phone. And, he doesn't know how to text or email. My aversion to phone conversations is for another post. Why … [Read more...]

Dear Dad

I have been writing this letter in my head for years now. Until today, I never got the courage to actually put the words down much less send them to you.   I have been really trying to figure out why now was the right time and it finally occurred to me. The reason is simple. I am sad. I am heartbroken. I miss you. Deep down in my soul, I want you in my life. The truth is, I am also angry. You hurt us and mom so much while we were growing up. I always thought that all kids had "two" Dads: the morning dad and the nighttime/after drinking Dad. Do you know how stressful it is for a little … [Read more...]

Flu Symptoms and Treatment

Influenza (the flu) is on many minds right now. Just before the I left my office, we had three patients test positive for the flu. Last year our flu season was really nonexistent. We are paying for it now. By the way my office has been the last few seeks, it is going to be bad: lots of cases of the flu, and lots of people getting fairly sick from it. I am going to step outside of the character of this blog for a bit to outline the symptoms, diagnosis, dangers, and treatment of the flu. Symptoms of the Flu 1. Fever--typically 101 or higher 2. Body aches-- as in "I feel like I got … [Read more...]

The Single Best Decision I Ever Made: 18 Years Ago Today


Christmas Eve 1994 was bitter cold. Snow had fallen and was icing over on the roads. It was the first Christmas I would spend with my now in-laws. Their home was the epitome of Christmas:cozy fire, home-made decorations, laughter, happy bickering. I was pretty nervous given my inexperience with such functionality in a family. My comfort came in the way of the amazing guy next to me. We had known each other for 18 months. We studied together, laughed together, watched TV together and inevitably fell in love. He was fond of quoting seemingly meaningless facts and somewhere on 95 decided to … [Read more...]