The Meyer Family Annual Review: Ninjas, Felons, and Starkers

To, Her His Word Is Truth

  Rebranding. Revitalizing. Refreshing. Call it what you will, but the transformation of my practice RE-ally sucked the life out of us this year. 2012 started out with my practice too busy to sustain. It was apparent in the midst of flu season that Amy and I would need some help (either in the form of a new doctor or prescription meds.) Besides, at home my kids were REvolting---“When is Mom gonna cook dinner again??” Chris would flip the pancakes (breakfast for dinner again) and reassure them. “Soon”. I “interviewed” many doctors and became rapidly discouraged. Wrong for me. … [Read more...]

Saving Lives: Not Doctors, Teachers

As a pediatric resident at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, my husband Chris often got to "play with babies." None were cuter than the tiny ones in the nursery. One day, I took him dinner and stayed for a tour. We were newlyweds--babies were the last thing on our minds. Part of the tour involved Chris getting into "costume." He stepped into a closet and came out wearing what looked like a gigantic fisherman's vest. Like a thief pawning watches, he flung open the vest revealing rows and rows of pockets...tiny pockets---just big enough to hold a newborn baby. This was the "evacuate" … [Read more...]

Why Does it Take 26 Shattered Families for Me to Appreciate Mine?

My Guys

    This was a day my soul has needed for a very long time. It started with endless cuddling, kissing and zero rushing. Haddie and I stayed in our      jammies till noon. Then, a surprise visit from my only I thought I had lost forever. Our seven kids laughed and ran and destroyed the house all afternoon. We ate too much and laughed--really laughed---for the first time in years. When everyone had left, and Haddie was squeaky clean, she asked if she could show me her dance moves. Ordinarily, I grouch "No, it's time for bed". Ordinarily, I drag myself through the … [Read more...]

What Makes a Young Man Murder Innocent Children?

This morning my stomach is sick with sadness and worry. I am counting the moments until my own three kids burst through the door after spending the night with their grandparents. I am lucky. Dozens of parents in Connecticut today will not see their babies laugh or cry ever again. Babies...5, 6, 7 year olds. Murdered in cold blood by a 20-year-old young man with a gun. Arguments are flying about gun control, school security, and allowing God back in our schools. But, the real travesty, I think, is our country's woefully inadequate support of the mentally ill. Gun laws or not, bullet proof … [Read more...]

My Most Dreaded Phone-Call: It’s the Coroner

"The Coroner is on the phone." At these words, my stomach clenches into a ball, and my hear pounds. Immediately I think: Which patient? What happened? Did I miss something? Often times, the call is about an elderly patient that died peacefully at home. This last week the call got me analyzing a major issue in my practice and medicine in general. KD was found dead at home. She was in her 50s. She was ill and needed  chronic pain medication for her disease. She took a lot of Oxycontin. While the final forensic results won't be in for a long time, in my gut, I know it had something to do … [Read more...]