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Grief Over Purple Rubber Gloves

For now, I have to vent. Besides, how many people actually read my blog??? Sunday night is always chaos. It seems the weekend flew by and now all the prep for the week has to happen in an hour and 42 minutes. Last night was no exception. I was already half way into the dinner making ordeal---salmon (which Haddie hates), rice (which better be not too wet not too dry) and homemade bicuits (which EVERYONE wants to help with) when Maisy announces: lets call Grandma and Grandpa to come over. Sure I say. Partly because I love Chris' parents partly because I feel myself getting revved up … [Read more...]

Admittedly and Ashamedly Irrational Over My Mammogram

This week has been one of those weeks: I have just been pissed off---all week and without easily identifiable cause. Perhaps its January. God I hope not because as everyone knows, February is even worse. Perhaps it's flu season. Seriously? I'm no novice. I can certainly handle working a bit extra for a few months. Post Christmas? Pre-spring? Pre-menstrual? Dog barking? Dog laying quietly? Mouthy 12 year old? Sloppy 10 year old? Strong willed 5 year old? No. No. No. No. No. No. I finally finally figured it out. I am feeling sorry for myself and I don't have the guts to say … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Actually Achieving Your Fitness Goals This Year


Let's face it folks. We have all been really good this week. I am guessing, tomorrow, some excuses will start to appear. By the first week of February, they will take over, and by March, resolutions are just trampled in a stampede of reasons "not to." And I am as guilty as the next do-good-resolver. So, I thought I would share some of my tips for sticking to those resolutions and actually seeing results. This year, my resolutions boil down to one thing "FITNESS." But not just the obvious physical kind: mental, social, and fiscal. Physical Fitness On Exercise: 1.Use your … [Read more...]