Finally, it's Thursday and we can ALL sit down to dinner together for the first time all week. Chris and I strategically arrange for our friend to pick the kids up at karate so we have time to chat and cook dinner together. Our mood is light. I allow him to make the veggies as his sweet/tangy sauce is yummy. My only instruction is to "make more." He has this annoying habit of making the exact right amount which drives me nuts. Unless there is food left on the table, I fear someone got up hungry. It's a mental thing. Anyway, he begins his agonizingly slow chopping of peppers and carrots. … [Read more...]

Not Sure This Day Really Happened–SURREAL

Have you ever gotten in the car, driven all the way home, pulled in the garage, parked the car and walked into the house only to realize in a PANIC that you have no idea how you got there? You don't remember a turn, a signal,  or a stop sign--you are just happy you are home alive. Well, imagine if you walk into the house and everyone stares at you--you are standing there clothes tattered, one heel broken, crusted blood on your nose. You smile feebly. You have no explanation. You silently reach for wine and hobble upstairs to draw a hot bath. That was me. Today.  I am not sure of all the … [Read more...]

If I Managed My Business the Way I Manage My Household

I would be broke. It really boils down to four things: Organization, Communication, Budget Mindedness, and People Skills. I am not going to mince words or wax humble: I am a good business woman. What about Meyer Family, LLC? Yep. Not so much. I took a few of yesterdays TRUE occurences and translated them to business situations just for kicks. Organization CMMD I have a computerized schedule that is color coded and broken down into 15 minute or 30 minute slots. Patients are meticulously scheduled using a painfully rigorous set of rules laminated and placed strategically by … [Read more...]

Open Letter to “The Dog”

Dear Lucy, Let's get one thing straight: this is not a love letter. I only use "Dear" and your first name because Chris hates it when I refer to you as "the dog." I feel like I really need to clear the air. There has been a lot of crap between us that has gone unsaid and unacknowledged in the last two years. And, after doing some research, I now understand that you will not likely be called to doggie heaven anytime in the next ten years--so I better get used to having you around. The bottom line is that YOU ANNOY THE LIVING DAY LIGHTS OUT OF ME. It's not really any one thing...just … [Read more...]

A Morning Off: More Oxytocin Please

In many ways a morning off is worse than plain working because  the prospect of going to work later looms all day. My Tuesday began with the typical 1 minute orgasmic coffee experience. As per routine, the moment was shattered by kids, husband and dog barrelling into my kitchen. Chris sits down to his Lucky Charms (you guessed it, I am annoyed: What grown man eats Lucky Charms for breakfast?" ) He announces: " I read this study done by a vet. It turns out that staring into a dogs eyes releases as much oxytocin as reading a book or listening to music. Oxytocin is the  relaxation … [Read more...]