New Delhi or Steubenville: Which One Is More Third World?

A few months ago my heart broke as I learned that the victim of the bus rape in Delhi had died. Like many Americans I was outraged. We used words like despicable, abhorrent, and uncivilized. I read a post that lamented "animals would behave better." Fast forward to this week. Two teens are found guilty of raping a 16 year old girl, taking photos and video of the act, and sharing them publicly. SIXTEEN. This girl may not even be old enough to drive and yet we (civilized and all) are subtly (and not so subtly) blaming her for being so drunk she did not recall the incident. A picture is … [Read more...]

Open Letter to Me (Re: My Body)

my favorite shoes

Dear Me: Boy this open letter thing is so therapeutic! Now that Dad and The Dog have heard my deepest thoughts it makes sense that you be next. I am writing in regards to your handling of my body. I will elaborate, but basically you're doing a terrible job. Sorry but open letters are meant to be brutally honest. Rather than have this be a meaningless rant, I thought I would break it down into constructive observations and advice. We will cover several members of the so-called" body team." Let's start at the very top and work our way down.  HAIR What professional 41-year-old parades … [Read more...]

Towels Don’t Have Buckles: The Real Reason I Shouldn’t Have a Pet

I feel the need to come clean. Mostly because I had a visit from a sweet patient of mine who happens to be a veterinarian. I listened to her tell me sincerely about a cat she had diagnosed with cancer and the chemo drug that had been recalled. I feel I owe the good vet and all animal lovers an explanation. You see, before 1999 I was pet "neutral." Not a lover not a hater...just apathetic. The events of that year made me the anti-pet woman I am today. 1999 was a monumental year for us. We were finishing residency, had real jobs lined up, and had decided to start our family. I became … [Read more...]

Where Is World War III Going to Start?

cinderella castle

Iran? No. I think we made some real headway with the Argo release. North Korea? Nah...that guy is all talk. Afghanistan? No way. Now that Bin Laden is gone, they just need a plan for revitalization..kind of like Camden. No sir. The "Axis of Evil" is nothing compared to the Meyer kitchen table. "What, who, why?" you ask? It was Maisy, in the kitchen, with the cello. Victim: mois. Our pefectly peaceful dinner was turned on it's head because of an upcoming trip to Disney World. Yes, that's right. We are taking the kids to Disney World for an extended weekend in May. And, … [Read more...]

Casualties of War: BMW and Starbucks Travel Cup

Some things you need to know: First,  neither Chris nor I are "car snobs." However, he likes finely made machines and turned 40 a few years ago. These two facts necessitated the purchase of a "cool car." Second, when we built our house we did not upgrade to the wider garage doors. Third, we do not have "my car" and "his car." Basically, there's the "you-got-the-kids-and-dog car" and  the BMW. Therefore neither of us really has a "car" home. You know, the one in which the radio stations are pre-programmed to Coffeehouse and Oprah, NOT NPR and String Quartets. In this car,  you know how … [Read more...]