Thankless Job? Not Mine.

This week has been one of those just mind numbingly stressful weeks. I have been consumed with endless tasks relating to the design and build of a new office (apparently staying in budget while getting every single thing I want requires an act of God), trying to prepare a speech for 300 people (an honor I am so afraid to squander), train for a 10 mile race that is in 10 days, and plan a post race party for 123 of the most charitable and hardworking teammates and friends I could have asked for. The proverbial straw came this afternoon when I learned that it would cost hundreds of dollars a … [Read more...]

2 Cereal Bowls: It Can Only Mean One Thing

I am not judging just pointing out that sometimes the child "experts"  are lacking in ....let's just say street smarts: parent style. Case in point,  yesterday was an early dismissal day. One Wednesday every month is early dismissal day. Chris is off on Wednesday. EVERY Wednesday --for 12 years now. What that means is when it comes to house, home, kids, dog, schedules, food, games, practices, dentist if it is Wednesday, I am out. He is in. Thursday is my day. Always has been. Because this fact is so undeniable, I walk into work on Wednesday morning, put my cell in my bag and get busy. I … [Read more...]

Fear of Flying: Forget Crashing, Just Pray You Don’t Get Sick

Before I begin, two notes about what is to follow.  First, the dates, times and descriptions of the  following events  are accurate and true.  Second, some personal details have been altered to protect the identities of those involved. I break the cardinal rule of blogging here by not abbreviating this story but to shorten it would not do it justice.   A good introduction to this story might be a look back at a prior post about the need (or lack of) for my presence during an out of office medical emergency. Ok, get the idea? This past week we enjoyed a fabulous vacation in … [Read more...]