Full Cart, Empty Wallet. Is There Anything Worse?

I never have any money. It is a fact. I don’t mean in the impoverished sense just in the “I have to use my Visa to pay for my $1.97 coffee" sense.  Which really is not a problem because EVERYBODY takes Visa. The only time my lack of cash is an issue is on the off chance that I don’t have my Visa. Until recently, I would just pull any one of the other cards out of my wallet and move on. But, in his quest to save us from certain financial ruin,  Chris has made me give up my other Visa, my Discover Card, my Gap Card and my US Airways Mastercard.  Even my business credit card is on loan to … [Read more...]

The Secret to Our Happy Marriage: Smelly Cars and a Fear of Escalators


17 years ago at this very moment I sat in a swivel chair surrounded by make-up artists, hair stylists, my hysterical mother and about half a dozen second cousins. It was just a few hours until our Big Fat Egyptian Wedding. True to prophecy our wedding went EXACTLY as an Egyptian wedding should. The ceremony began 90 minutes late and the vast majority of the two plus hour ritual was in Coptic. At least five times in that two hours,  Chris lowered his head to me and whispered "are we married yet?" At our priest's prodding,  I vowed to "be like an olive tree" and bear my husband many fruits. … [Read more...]

Popsicles and Breast Milk: It Must Mean Summer!

A warm day like today just plain old makes me happy.  The sun is in my face. I stroll freely and unhindered by my North Face parka. Life is good. So good in fact that when Haddie asks for popsicles, not only do I say "Sure!", but I buy a box of 100 assorted ones. The freezer space is not a concern until I actually open the freezers. The one in the kitchen is not even approachable. It is so full that I literally am afraid to begin rifling through for fear of what I may find. The point is that the only place for a giant box of popsicles is in the garage fridge. As I start to put them away, I … [Read more...]

Rotten Week Defined: Dogs Barking in My Head and Almost an Appendectomy

If you read my blog, follow me on FB, live in my neighborhood, are my patient or friend, you basically understand that I juggle a lot of balls ---often. Perhaps the last few weeks have been crazier than average. Between training to run a ten mile race, painstakingly rallying my amazing team of runners, working every day, building a new office (who knew that there is no such thing as "blue" its #286 blue or is it #257 blue or should it be blue at all, how about orange??) and preparing a keynote address for 300 women, I am at my MAX. Usually when things are this nuts, my spazziness is easily … [Read more...]