The Case of the Missing Croissant

Have to share this right now. I cannot stop laughing about it. On Monday, I made hamburgers for the kids and I. We had a huge thing of ground beef so I decided that after dinner I would make meatballs for Chris on Tuesday night (trying to save my kids from their usual Tuesday night meal of raw green beans, broccoli, carrots and applesauce.) I put the extra meat in a silver mixing bowl on the counter and started to round up all the other ingredients. I got as far as having the seasonings and bread crumbs in a mixing bowl when I realized the meat bowl was not on the counter. I must have … [Read more...]

Smelling Hay, Shedding Hose, Crushing Ice


I walked into the house this afternoon after a long day. In his typical OCD way, Chris had scrubbed the counters and folded 9 kitchen towels... all in the exact same pattern. He had also rearranged the family room furniture. The man is so busy that he literally snoozes in 1 minute increments. Yet, on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, he spends hours rearranging furniture and folding kitchen towels. I shake it off only to see Hadley bolting down the stairs. She is dressed in pink sweat shorts, a blue sequined shirt and my black patent leather boots. This seems completely and utterly normal … [Read more...]

Carnivals: A Love-Hate Thing

Picture Perfect or Not

Admittedly, I am a wimp when it comes to parenting solo. So, the second I know that Chris will be working late my mind starts spinning. I make plans...outings...distractions. Things that are intended to occupy me and the kids in his absence. Because, basically, I am afraid to be home alone. Inevitably, these "outings" lead to a great deal of self-loathing. Take the carnival at our local Catholic church. Tonight was one of those rare Wednesday nights when Chris had to work. I got home from the office chipper and genuinely excited to see the kids. Maisy had been away for a few days so she … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Tribute

I Would Do Anything For This Guy!

Eleven days ago our community lost a great man all too soon. While I did not know him personally, many of my patients and friends did. As I sit next to my own husband. I shove the thoughts of life without him out of my head. It's not that I wouldn't be able to support our family financially—he took care of that. It's not that I wouldn't know where all the important papers are—he took care of that. It is very simple. I am not good without him. Take this Friday night for example.  I decided to drive to the beach with the kids and have Chris meet us the next morning.  After he … [Read more...]

Dehydration Makes Me Loathe Wayfarers

The WORST sunglasses

"Ya know, Cat" Chris starts in. "After that display, you might want to consider taking up flying." I have nothing of substance so I just go low. "Oh yeah? " I am staring at his stupid sunglasses. "Well, FYI, only Tom Cruise in 1983 can pull off Wafarers...and there is nothing risky about your business." We are driving home on a glorious afternoon after what, by some accounts, was an idyllic afternoon at "The Lake." Those accounts would be dead wrong. I pulled into our driveway this morning after a long run with friends. I was literally giddy from the endorphins and still laughing … [Read more...]