Affordable Care Act or Obamacare?

Intimately Connected

What you call it implies what you think of it. Regardless, I do not think it is the ACA-polypse some doctors are making it out to be. Those that call it Obamacare worry about cost and overflow and government intervention. They say things like "If I wanted socialized medicine, I would live in Canada!" The ones that call it the ACA, are thankful that finally "EVERYONE will have health insurance!" Or, "Finally, doctors will be paid on their quality of the quantity of patients they see." My opinion in 10 statements: 1. Our health care system is a mess. 2. I love what I do. I … [Read more...]

Autocorrect Creates a Wordless Story


Me to Chris: "ur Mom" in response to a question he texted me. The rest speaks for itself. … [Read more...]

Parental Highs and Lows: In One Afternoon


Whew. Low: Hadley lagging behind Sam and I as we get to the escalator. We start down. She is paralyzed at the top. "MOOOOOOOOOM----HELP ME!!!" I contemplate running the wrong way up the stairs. I contemplate making it to the bottom and then racing to the top to fetch my child. Instead, I scream. Loudly. COME ON HADLEY! PUT ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER. NOW. She is paralyzed by fear. It is Sam that rescues her. He takes two steps up and reaches for her. She takes his hand and steps. Everyone is ok. Everyone on the escalator is staring at me. Definite low. High: If I was … [Read more...]

My Perfect Evening


I don't know what I did to deserve this and I don't care. I am in heaven. Here are some of my favorite things: 1. My bed. 2. My laptop 3. My book 4. My TV 5. My food. 7:54 pm I have all five at my fingertips. Tonight, Haddie is spending the night at a neighbor's. Chris took the older kids and some friends to the movies. I had a couple (or three teensy tiny mini) beers with my neighbor. I gave Haddie a kiss goodnight and walked home--relaxed and starving. Next thing I know, the house is empty and quiet. I am feeding myself. I do not have to have a balanced … [Read more...]

My Male Nurse: The Other Man in My Life

The eversmiling Tom B. Kuhn

It occurred to me yesterday that some weeks I spend more time in the presence of my nurse Tom than with my husband. I should tell you all first--and this will shock some of you--I am not easy to work for. I admit it. I demand a lot of myself AND my staff. Unlike many before him, Tom has kept up with, tolerated, and at times, bold facedly (it is a word) challenged me (AKA "She.") This will be his 6th year with me. It surprises some folks that we have flipped stereotypical gender roles around in my office---"She" is boss. Tom is nurse. But, it in REALLY works. Patients love Tom. … [Read more...]