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Wedding Day Googly Eyes

Do you lay at night next to your sleeping husband and think "Lord, thank you for your amazing gift in this man?" Do you catch yourself getting that girlish flutter in your chest when he walks in a room? Do you ever just stare at him when he isn't looking and think to yourself "What did I do to deserve him?" If you answered yes to any of those questions, get the #%^& off my blog. This is not one of those posts. First, a disclaimer. When I am beaten down, all the little oddities about Chris that can be endearing, make me irate. Let's just say this week, I have been beaten to a pulp. I … [Read more...]

HIPAA: Help I’m Panicking And Annoyed

This is not new. HIPAA laws went into effect in early 2000. So, why was I tossing and turning last night? First, because I do that. Second, because come September 23, the "crack down" begins. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely understand, respect and believe in the need to protect patient's privacy. I think it is a crime that people's health history is used against them in so many arenas of our advanced society. In fact, I go to great and painful lengths to protect my patients information: not just in my office, but in my blog. We just spent tens of thousands of dollars on a fire/flood proof … [Read more...]

It’s As Easy As Flipping a Switch

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Unless of course you are talking about turning on the lights in our new office. Consider the following information. When we designed this office, we took into consideration every single thing that drove us nuts about our original space and kicked it in the face. For example, we used to have one bathroom. Now there are five. That toilet used to need a glass of wine, Ella Fitzgerald and a massage to flush. Now our toilets can flush a bucket of golf balls in seconds. When really hot water was needed for a procedure, it would take several steps. First, a nurse would fetch a styrofoam cup of … [Read more...]

Doctor’s #1 Most Common Misdiagnosis: Infection?

Needless to say when a headline story attacks my profession, I pay attention. Today, an article posted in Motley Fool about "Common Misdiagnosis" has me riled. I have many problems with this article but I want to focus on that one--that Number One. The author quotes the journal Pediatrics.  Here, doctors were reportedly polled and revealed that over 50% of physicians "improperly diagnosed a viral infection as a bacterial one in the last year." Sorry, I just don't believe that. I do not believe doctors actually misdiagnosed infections that many times.  What I believe actually happened … [Read more...]

I Tell My Girls They’re Beautiful…and That’s OK.


I just read an article that has me all twisted up and irritated. I have that feeling you get sometimes when you are just you did something wrong but aren't really sure what? So, in this intelligent and well-written piece, the author basically chastises parents, friends, and society for habitually lauding a young girl's appearance. For example, upon seeing a 5-year-old girl dressed up, most of us would smile warmly and compliment her hair or dress or wand or, in Haddie's case, the entire coordinated ensemble. The author argues that we are perpetuating our society's emphasis on … [Read more...]