Dear Maisy

School has been in session for exactly one week and I already have homework. Today's assignment: describe Maisy in "one million words or less." It was close but I got it all in the form of this open letter. You know I am a lot better at communicating my feelings in writing than in speaking....if you can call what we do most days "speaking." First, I want to apologize for a couple of things. 1. I am sorry that you got my horrible vision. I know you think glasses make a statement but trust me so does LASIK--one day you will understand. 2. I am sorry about our near daily screaming … [Read more...]

5 Reasons THIS Doctor Isn’t In Bed With Big Pharma

Every day, some person educated at the acclaimed Google-U pontificates on my prescribing habits. Apparently, my choices of antibiotics, vaccines, and blood pressure medications are influenced by my illicit relationship with "Big Pharma." Not so. Here's why in 500 words. 5. "In Bed" implies some sort of mutual attraction---at times instinctual and uncontrollable but always enjoyable. Most days, I can't even stand to be in the room with a pharmaceutical rep. It's really not that I mind an attractive, suitcase-wheeling, iPad-wielding person half my age with one twelfth of my … [Read more...]

5 Flu Vaccine Myths Debunked

Training Weapon vs Actual Weapon
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Every August I go through a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I am sad to see summer ending, elated to have un-bored kids again, and anxious. It is time to center myself, consider yoga, or become a Buddhist. It is time for.....the flu vaccine. For about the next six months, my job will take on an added layer of stress. I will spend hours upon hours educating, explaining, answering, and sometimes down right pleading with patients to get their flu vaccine. Over the coming months, countless patients will listen to my earnest plea and say a polite "No, thank you." So, this year, instead … [Read more...]

Hump Day

I am dedicating this post to an amazing woman. This past Friday she looked death in the face. One week later, she has beat the longest of odds and begins the long road to full recovery. I have not had the stomach to write one of my kitschy stories this week...till now. Bek, this one is for you. You know how I always say that Mondays suck? Well, this week, so did Wednesday. It is always a very long day but normally it's easy. Chris is home. By the time I crawl through the door the kids have done their music, dinner is waiting, the counter is scrubbed, the towels are folded and everyone has … [Read more...]

Target Therapy

Isn't It Beautiful Here?

When did an hour our two at Target become an "outing?" In May, I had big dreams for the summer: swimming at the club (a small fortune to join, but what would you pay for endless summer memories frolicking in the sun?), day trips to the zoo, and care-free evenings by the fire pit. Somehow in the seventh hour, as the first day of school barrels towards us, two things occur to me: 1. Hadley stopped knowing how to read. 2. I love Target. Don't worry, there is a connection. As teacher assignments came out, the reality of Haddie starting first grade was IN. MY. FACE. So, being the … [Read more...]