Dear Chuck

Hi There Chuck! This letter is really long over due. I've been meaning to write to thank you for all of your help over the years. As you know, I have gotten myself into some pretty difficult situations. Somehow, you always make it seem like you have seen it all before--like it is not just me. I know that you try really hard to help me out financially too. This last thing, well I think that $500 you shaved off literally saved my marriage. I know you must get some grief from clients because your place is kind of a dump. I am not being mean--I'm just saying the place could use … [Read more...]

There’s More

One Car Being Towed Away

Yes. That is a picture of a tow truck removing our flooded BMW from the driveway. Open sunroof + torrential rain + computers under the carpets = the second car I've mangled this month. More when I can string a sentence together again. … [Read more...]

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Not Even This Many Was Enough

In case you are new to my blog/life, I hate Mondays. Yesterday was no different. I wrapped up a grueling day at the office while racing against the clock. I had made it a personal goal to leave the office no later than 3:30. At 4:45 I arrived at home to begin my weekly evening as a single mom. In preparation, I gave myself my weekly mental pep talk. 1. Be calm. 2. Be patient. 3. Laugh 4. Cook dinner, don't order out. 5. Don't scream at anyone. These five points are repeated over and over and over in my mind for the six minute ride home. Upon entering the house, I am … [Read more...]

Back to School Shopping: A Lesson in Denial

Actual Receipts from Today's Extravaganza

We are armed. Every last grain of sand is vacuumed from the car. We have two lists, four kids (Maisy's mandatory "can I please bring a friend" friend,) and several coupons and reward cards for various stores. It even felt like fall this morning--crisp, cool, bright. We stroll through store after store picking up the right 2 inch binder (not 1 1/2,) glue sticks, #2 pencils, erasers, pens, highlighters and reams upon reams of loose leaf. Maisy is required to have a specific Texas Instrument calculator. $100 please. How can you put a price on my child's education. $100 calculator for the 13 … [Read more...]

Thanks ABC, Jenny McCarthy Is Just What We Needed–Not

I am admittedly irritated at the moment. My heart is beating fast, my hands are shaky and, frankly, I feel the need to slap somebody--ideally one of the executives at ABC. They have just hired Jenny McCarthy: one of the loudest anti-vaccine voices in the country. We are already battling an avalanche of misinformation about vaccines. Slowly, we are chipping away at the myths and misconceptions. Just when I start to feel good about the issue, McCarthy gets a very tall soapbox to stand on. One, if I wasn't a professional, I'd like to shove her right off of. Here's what most doctors … [Read more...]