Rainbow Looms? What Happened to Toilet Paper Rolls and Macaroni?

Courtesy of Learning Express

I literally just picked up no fewer than 1000 miniature rubber bands in every color of the rainbow. Haddie is obsessed with creating jewelry using her Rainbow Loom. And, she is astonishingly great at it. However, I am not and every now and again she needs a bit of grown up help. Today we resorted to You Tube when I couldn't figure out how to turn 42 orthodontic bands into a 20 Karat tennis bracelet. That was good for my ego. Not only did I FAIL at helping, I was instantly replaced by Jacey from Craft Life. Jacey can't be older than eight. She laid her materials out and explained and … [Read more...]

Conversations with My Kids

Some of the conversations I have with my kids leave me scrambling for a scrap of paper to scribble them down. I don't ever want to forget them. Some, I try to block out. And, some are ones that end with my questioning what planet I'm on. Under 9--Female The car is the best place to hear my kids talk. And among my favorite chauffering duties is driving Haddie and her besties around. The three of them (6,7, and 8) can be downright hilarious. A while ago, I got a bit lost and had to turn the car around in the cul-de-sac. The senior reader in the group instantly pointed out the "No … [Read more...]

Make-Up Pancakes

You know how Sam has been the subject of several posts lately? Well, he has been our "project" the past few weeks. While socially, middle school has been great to him, academically--not so much. Apparently showering three times a day with Twist: "the shower gel that not only tantalizes, but keeps her intrigued" does NOTHING for your organizational skills. Last night, in the span of one hour, we learned that he did not do so great on his first math quiz and that he had gotten half off on an assignment because he left it in his locker. The final straw was finding a marked-up, crumbled piece … [Read more...]

A Sociology Lesson: School Lunches

Typical Mom Lunch

No, not lunch TIME, lunches. As in: the food that is consumed for lunch. An entire Psychology of the Family 101 syllabus could be written based on what may, or may not, be found in our kids' lunches. First, let me point out that much like everything in our nutty lives, Chris and I split lunch prep duty evenly. Monday-him. Tuesday-me. Wednesday-him. Thursday-me. And we alternate every other Friday. It is a "lunch bag" shared custody agreement if you will. It is a well-known fact that Mom lunches rock and Daddy's lunches are---"um, Dad can I buy??" This week I found out that Sam had … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Phobia Come to Life

like father like son

You all know by now that I have three children: two girls and one boy. It is a widely held belief that my son is my favorite. That is ridiculous. I love all my kids equally---I just like him more sometimes. Sam and I have this great thing going. He waits for me at crosswalks when everyone else just goes. He helps me with groceries while everyone else pretends to be busy. In return, I label any girl giving him attention a hussy. If I could forewarn my future daughter-in-law right now, I would. "Back off honey. I will not allow you to make my sweet son's life a living hell of nagging, … [Read more...]