Math “Quiz” and Communion

I am not a moron. A quiz is still an assessment of your knowledge of a subject. It counts towards a final grade in a subject area. That final grade will end up on a report card. I may or may not sign that report card envelope depending on the mountain of crap it is hidden beneath. Regardless, the report card counts, the grades on it count, and the "quizzes" used to calculate those grades count. Tonight Sam and Maisy both informed me that they have math "quizzes" tomorrow. They inform me with the same casual air of one mentioning that it might rain tomorrow. But.... 1. It is … [Read more...]

Cello Audition–The Glass Is Definitely Half Empty

Three Years Old

My Maisy shed a lot of tears in the last 36 hours--and I right along with her. The Chester County Youth Orchestra When M was not yet five years old, her dad said "Hey Maisy, Daddy loves the cello, what's your favorite instrument?" "CELLOOOOO!" She was squealing with delight. Naturally, Chris took that as a sign that she was destined to play his favorite of all string instruments. The routine started with him picking her up at kindergarten, stopping for a snack at Wawa then driving to the home of their acclaimed cello teacher for a double lesson. Chris had his big rented cello and M had a … [Read more...]

Six Days, 2 Cardiac Caths and a Ruptured Bladder

Courtesy of

OK the last item is not exactly true--but close. My mother-in-law loves to travel to "remote" and "rustic" places. Translation: God-forsaken destinations without a Four Seasons Hotel for hundreds of miles. This week she had a trip planned to some national parks out west. My father-in-law was going along willingly--but not by much. After the 4 flights and 27 hours to get to their destination, they were to spend one week hiking and loving nature at 8000 feet. Translation: sweating their tails off for no good reason--we have trees here (not to mention a lovely Four Seasons.) Aside: … [Read more...]