The Price of a Cuisinart and Cat Food

So Beautiful

Some facts that you need to recall in order to appreciate this post: 1. I love coffee and kitchen appliances. 2. I hate pets. 3. Chris is cheap. Ok, I admit it was not a fiscally responsible thing to do. However, sometimes you just have to LIVE. After all, life is short. Despite having a perfectly good (in fact, great) Keurig, I used my last 20% off Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon to buy a state-of- the-art new Keurig. It has a number of features that make it superior to the one I currently own: 1. An 80 oz water reservoir--I can make 10 cups without refilling. 2. A "rinse" … [Read more...]

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

Before we begin, a couple of definitions--especially for the men in the group. 1. Magnificent Mile = Chicago's Michigan Ave. It is one mile of high end retail shops. And I mean HIGH end--as in Rodeo Drive high end. 2. Flag Ship= Prototypical, the one after which all else are modeled. Uber expensive. 3. J. Crew Flag Ship store= a place you only shop if you live near number one, weigh under 120 lbs and stand at least 65 inches tall. My husband could not have been more out of place. We arrived in Chicago last Friday afternoon for a Saturday evening wedding. In the chaos of … [Read more...]

On Kids and Their Shoes.

Zappos box

It seems as though every few days there is a war breaking out in our house over shoes. Forget the obvious exchanges between the two adults. "You have sixteen pairs of black shoes, why is there another box from Zappo's on the front porch?" "You have one pair of dress shoes, why am I married to you?" Last week it was about the Meyer children and their shoes. Hadley could not understand why short black boots were not appropriate for school. It made little difference to her as she writhed in protest that the black boots on her feet were mine--and had a three inch heel. In … [Read more...]

Kids Are Sponges

expiration date courtesy the right truth

We all know kids are sponges. And, my Hadley is no exception. Just when I think she's not paying attention, she totally is. Admittedly, I don't always sensor my work conversations when she is around. We were all in the car today when I took a call from a funeral director. He needed me to sign a death certificate. "When did the patient expire?" I asked. I jotted a few things on the Starbucks napkin in the console with my eyeliner. I looked into the rearview mirror and caught Hadley's stunned expression. "Mom? What does "expire" mean?" Sammy instantly chimed in from the back: … [Read more...]

Krokodil: The Zombie Acopalypse Drug IS Our Probem Now

All That's Needed Is a Kitchen

Warning: This post is not funny, is not appropriate for kids, and contains gruesome images. Until this week, Krokodil (Russian for Crocodile) was "their" problem. "Them" were poor Russian youth creating, using, and nearly dying from the newest designer drug: technically known as desomorphine. In 2011, the Russian Federal Drug Control Agency confiscated 65 million doses of this lethal drug. Estimates are that 5% of all Russian drug users (100,000 people) have used Krokodil. Krokodil is a highly addictive drug similar in effects to heroin. However it differs in two terrifying … [Read more...]