6 Signs It Has Been a Long Week

1. You are helping your first grader choose a sweater by carefully smelling each one as you pull it out of the hamper. "No, honey. That one is dirty. Yes I know they both were in the laundry but THAT one is really dirty. 2. You realize you have been giving yourself the following peptalk: "You. Got. This. Come. On. Now." while packing lunches. 3. At 5:30 pm you get out of your work clothes....and immediately into your jammies and by your calculation will be in them for no less than 36 hours. 4. You manage to convince yourself that after a dessert of Dots and Swedish fish that … [Read more...]

Caught In the Act

The Dog Walking--with Me
An Image Never to Be Seen Again

You all know my feelings for Lucy, our family dog. Well, I have come to accept three undeniable truths. 1. Dogs live a REALLY long time. 2. My husband adores this dog. 3. I adore my husband. So, this morning I did the unthinkable. I was up before anyone else when Lucy started her relentless whining/barking/whining. On a typical Saturday morning, I would have turned up the music in my ears and sipped my coffee--trying to drown out her noise AND her existence. For some reason, today was different. We had a great time with friends last night, we have a weekend packed with goodness ahead of … [Read more...]

The Doctor is the Patient

Yesterday I had my first ever “Total Body Skin Exam.” After constantly reminding my patients to get their moles checked, I thought it time to take my own advice. (not to mention the countless summers in the 1980s where laying in the sun wasn’t enough-we had to apply oil and foil to really get a good crisp.) I got to my appointment a few minutes early. The “reception” I received from the RECEPTIONIST was cool (to be kind.) I had a bad feeling. Once in the room, I was given a blue paper half gown and a gigantic white napkin “for my lap.” I was spazzy as I undressed. For some reason I … [Read more...]

6 Annoying Things Doctors Do (and Why We Do Them)


I think I annoyed a patient today doing one of the 6 things I am about to list. I am not secure enough to tell you which one (yet.) But it got me thinking. We doctors are guilty of commiserating about annoying patient habits. So, I decided to put together a list of what I think my patients think are the most annoying thing doctors do from the perspective of a doctor who annoys patients that sometimes also annoy her. Got all that? Here goes and these are not in any particular order. 1. Ask patients to fill out twenty pages of paper then never even look at them. This is awkward really. … [Read more...]

Laughter/Gratitude Journal 11/7/13

Abi and Hadley

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday. Laughter and gratitude abound! Laughter Every Wednesday, I wake up at 5 am. I get coffee, do work for an hour, then get ready to leave for the office at about 6:40. Yesterday was routine. However as I got my coffee, I heard Chris rummaging around in our bedroom closet. I smiled to myself. The only reason he would be up at 5 am would be to wish his lovely wife of nearly 18 years a terrific birthday and perhaps hand her something beautiful in a very small box. Nearly an hour later, Chris had not come down so I headed up slightly disappointed. Upon … [Read more...]