Christmas Morning Baby Alive Doll

before the chaos

Well, it is done. The gifts have been opened, the migraine has arrived, and above all the looks of ecstasy and disappointment abound. Today's Christmas story is brought to you by a six year-old girl who loves (or so we thought) baby dolls. For the last year, one of Haddie's favorite things to play with is a Target baby doll she has had for a few years. The doll is named Toby--he is a boy baby. In case you don't have a six year old girl in your life, there are no baby doll clothes made for boy baby dolls. So, not long ago, in a moment of Mommy genius, I stopped at the Babies R Us … [Read more...]

Special Holiday Guest Post

First Ever Guest Post-- I laughed so hard how could I not share? Thank you Steve Longo! Despite my “lack” of medical degree...The following guest post is by Dr. Christine Meyer's 58th favorite patient. I was in Target this weekend and I saw a copy of Main Line Today, top doctors issue.  I said to myself, “I am sure my doctor (Dr. Christine Meyer) made the list…” and of course she did!  I was a little surprised to see her specialty" listed as “pediatrics”.  I thought to myself, “how could this happen?” Top three reasons Dr. Christine Meyer was named Top Pediatrics Doctor, Main Line … [Read more...]

A Christmas Miracle

One Love Lost....

Perhaps "miracle" is overstating it but I do like drama (I know you are shocked.) Forgive me if you have heard this story in bits and pieces. To spare you the next 8-900 words, it is about diamond earrings and coffee. For those of you still with me, here is what happened. It was the night of our annual office holiday party--one to which we invited 57 people and got 55 yeses to--in a word: "BIG." Everyone looks forward to this party all year. And, between us, Chris and I make up 66.6666666% of the hosts. Basically, it is good for us to show up and be on time. The day of the party … [Read more...]

Living With a 13 Year-Old Daughter


To put it mildly, living with a 13 year-old girl is difficult. Some days I contemplate boarding schools. To put it honestly, some days leave me wondering if I am living within a repeated psychotic break. One of the hardest things about Maisy (oh, feel free to insert your own teen daughter's name will work) is the unpredictability of her mood. On our end, mornings are very much the same: I wake up feeling like I got hit by a train and cannot even fathom speaking until I have had one cup of coffee. Chris is the opposite; jabbering from the minute he is upright till the minute the … [Read more...]