Today I Hate: GPS Lady and EZ Pass

You would think I was heading over the Tappanzee Bridge into Manhatten this afternoon with all the preparations I made. I filled my tank with gas, kicked my tires (even though I have no idea what they should feel like,) and even cleaned my windshield. In reality, I was going from my home in Downingtown, PA to King of Prussia to meet my mom at her doctor's visit. The trip is about twenty miles and should take no more than 30 minutes. Well, I have been caught on 202 in rush hour traffic, and it is not good. I decided to be "smart" and ask GPS lady the best way to go. She directed me … [Read more...]

Our Open Door Policy

Until about 11 pm most nights, the door to our home is open. Not the front door, the garage door and then the laundry room door which connects right into the kitchen. In the summer, the door slams open and shut every five minutes either with a kid that belongs to us going out or with someone else's kid coming in. The parade of children and cacophony of door slams dies down in the winter. So, come January, Lucy--the guard dog--gets revved at the slightest hint of anyone approaching our door. Yesterday, despite it being my day off, I was busy. A lot of my busy-ness these days has to do … [Read more...]

Why Parents Crack: Today, It Was Socks.

Today I got to thinking about how I can go from being absolutely in love with one of my kids...literally drooling and stroking and hugging and tearing up at how blessed I am to..... Enraged...In like a split second. Do I have a psychiatric diagnosis--some pathologic short fuse condition that I need to have treated? Or, are we all just one pair of socks from being the kind of parents we look down on, are ashamed of, and pray never to be? Yes, I said socks. Here goes. This morning at 8:00 Hadley was still in bed. Her bus comes at 8:30. As I watched the clock I accepted the fact … [Read more...]