Maisy’s New Glasses: Battle of the Wills


A few facts before I share with you a teen daughter parenting story. 1. Maisy is not materialistic in the least. In fact, I would describe her style as "consignment grunge." No further comment needed. 2. She is now a pescatarian. 3. I am not a good "follow-through" parent. In other words, I cave--often. So, last week we went to LensCrafters (quite possibly the WORST retail establishment in the world--more on that in a different post) to pick up glasses for Sam. While we were waiting (and waiting,) Maisy was browsing frames and came across a pair she had wanted for the last two years. … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to My Patients

Many of my colleagues will think I am crazy for doing this but here goes.... I feel this note is so overdue. Thankfully, a few well-timed snow days and a couple of uncensored patient remarks have forced me to sit down and say what I have should have said weeks ago. First, thank you. Thank you all for giving us the privilege of being your doctors for the last decade. I feel downright honored that so many of you have chosen my practice. It is because of your confidence in me and the referrals of your friends and family that we have experienced the unprecedented growth we have. In … [Read more...]