Dunch: A Sunday Meal for the Hopelessly Uncool

super crunchy roll

Every so often, in the name of family time, Chris gets some weird idea that I eventually, and against my better judgement, go along with. Sort of like the summer he convinced me that purchasing a red canoe would lead to hours of endless family fun. Today it was a late lunch/early dinner. He and the kids were out doing some other undoubtedly mind bogglingly boring task and he decided that such nerdness could only be topped off by a meal---at 3 o'clock pm---at our favorite sushi place. I went along, forfeiting the perfect cup of hot coffee I had just sat down to sip, because…well … [Read more...]

Beach Lifeguards


Yes. That's my view at this moment. Yes. I'm literally blogging from my beach chair. Because this can't wait. As you may have heard , we are down in Fenwick Island, DE for Sam's 12th birthday. He and his friends are old enough to go to the pool, ride bikes, or skateboard around the quiet resort alone. They are not, however, allowed to go to the beach (in the water) without a parent (actually just Chris.) Basically as much as I LOVE the ocean, I cannot swim to save myself much less one of the kids I've been entrusted with. So since Chris wasn't in the mood for the beach yet, here I sit … [Read more...]

12 Lessons for My Son on His 12th Birthday


1. Be yourself. You are amazing just as you are. So, wear briefs instead of boxers if you feel like it. Trust me. Life is so much more than that 6th grade boy's locker room. 2. Be a good friend. Pick up your phone even if you don't feel like it--you never know when it could be THAT call. 3. Be kind. I saw you help Hadley strap her helmet on when she was giving up on it. Be THAT kid. You never know when it could save someone's day, spirit, or life. 4. Be brave. "All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage to change the world." Have THAT kind of courage. 5. Be funny. You make me … [Read more...]

Dear Kids, Sorry About this Morning

Honest to God

You both just busted your way out of the house about ten minutes earlier than you had to and I am in my "quiet time"--you know--the 35 minutes between when you leave and when Haddie gets up. I finally washed my face off, blew my nose, and took a deep breath. I want to explain my little outburst this morning. Here's what went on in my mind before your alarm clocks ever went off this morning: "Today is Tuesday--my day to pack lunches and make breakfast and make sure everyone is out fed, healthy, happy and on time--armed with a smile, a hug and all the moral support they will need to have a … [Read more...]