Don’t Throw Your Playlist Out With the Song: A Message for Life

My SLOWEST, yet Best Run in a Long Time.

I just got back from running four miles and I feel great. Don't roll your eyes. This is not another one of those annoying "look-how-awesome-I-am-because-I-run" posts. In fact, I had the absolute WORST run in recent memory. I was hot, hurting and so very painfully SLOW.a> So, how is it that I feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD right now? I made an important discovery in that agonizing four miles today and it has to do with my running songs. To really understand, I have to give you a back story. Two and a half years ago, my aunt was diagnosed with Stage III B Colon Cancer and was fighting for … [Read more...]

Open Letter to the Mom That “Ruined” Our Day

Dear Lady Whose Kid Crapped in the Pool: I have not laid eyes on you however I imagine you are young---maybe in your thirties? You are probably a bit tired and overwhelmed. I imagine you have planned for your vacation for several months--maybe even saved up to come here. You have little ones--perhaps two or three under three? You may even have one on the way. Pay attention. What I am about to say, I say with love and experience. No doubt, you saw the scowls on the faces of HUNDREDS of people as our community pool was shut down because your son or daughter left a "floatie." I am … [Read more...]

Birdsong or Noise? You Decide.

birds crap

This morning was literally perfect: sunny, breezy and quiet. Chris and I sat on the front porch of our little beach place. We sipped coffee and talked for the first time all week. There was just one problem. Freaking chirping birds.....lots of them...and they were LOUD. Hear them here. We have been watching this family all summer. They started building a nest around Memorial Day and two weeks ago the chicks hatched. Now our quiet porch is not so much. Chris looked up at the tiny chicks with their mouths gaping wide and at the mom and dad birds flitting in and out with … [Read more...]