5 New Year Resolutions for 2013: Clean Teeth, Worn Shoes, Nicer Me

my favorite shoes

5. Floss Every Night

Dental hygiene has made a liar out of me. Three times a year at least I look into the earnest face of my favorite dentist and act shocked. “Really, they are bad…again?? I just don’t get it–where does all that plaque come from?” The reality is that most nights, I am lucky to get my shoes off before I fall into bed. Until now, flossing EVERY single night was just not on my list. More than having clean teeth, my resolution to floss nightly will keep me honest and keep my darling dentist from continuing to scratch her head in disbelief.

4. Exercise More

My little girl observed recently that I only have three kinds of clothes: “work clothes,” “pajamas,” and “exercise clothes.” A good habit I have gotten into this year is to change into my exercise clothes first chance I get. Whether it is right after work or first thing on a Saturday morning, if an opportunity to go for a walk, run etc presents itself, I grab it. Sometimes it’s a 15 minute block when everyone is occupied. Sometimes it’s an hour gifted to me by my generous husband. Regardless, having the duds on means that my ability to get going is literally minutes away.

In 2013, I resolve to keep putting the clothes on but to actually get the exercise done more consistently.  This will come as a shock to most of you but I  am a goal oriented person. So my first goal regarding my exercsie in 2013 is to train for and complete The Broad Street Run taking place on May 5, 2013. I have done this 10 mile race several times but this year, it will mean something.


3. Give More

As a professional multitasker, nothing makes me  happier than accomplishing two resolutions in one shot! So, my Broad Street Run effort will be in support of Team DetermiNation. I resolve to create and encourage Team CMMD to raise $15, 000 for The American Cancer Society by running The Broad Street Run. In my office and family we have seen first hand the havoc cancer brings to a home. My Broad Street Run effort will help ease the burden of cancer in some small way.

2. Spend Less

Again, you will be shocked to hear something about me. I am not exactly frugal. I am notorious for spending a hundred dollars on Target on stuff I didn’t even know I needed.  I also have a shoe problem. There I said it. I.Just. Can’t. Help. Myself. I see shoes I like, I buy them. If a natural disaster locked us in our home we could survive for weeks on the glut of foodstuffs, cans, and cereal in our pantry. I could shod one fabulous army with the shoes in my closet  And, until now,  I just kept on buying.  In 2013, I resolve to think twice before buying another box of dishwasher soap or Lego set or Icee. Regardless of boot season or sandal season or perfect patent leather pump season, I will wear the shoes that I have….period.  Sorry Tar-Jay and Nordstrom shoe departament (insert sniffling here)–my money can be put to good use elsewhere (see #2.)

1. Be Nicer

Seems simple enough but I need to get this out.

I think I have a split personality. Seriously. When I am one on one with a patient in a room, something comes over me. I become warm, interested, and patient. I listen carefully and maintain eye contact. I would never dream of looking at my phone while a patient was talking to me. I would never roll my eyes in disgust. Or use my exasperated voice “WHAT NOW?” as I often do with  my husband, kids, and staff.  Of course my patients deserve the patient, attentive me. But so does everyone in my life. For 2013, above all else, I resolve to be more patient, more attentive, and overall less bitchy to EVERYONE.

If all goes according to plan, 2013 will find me fitter, more pleasant, more giving and with shockingly clean teeth. and appallingly worn shoes.




  1. I will attest to the fact that you are a very attentive Doctor. It was one of the reasons you were recommended to me and why I have continued recommending you to others! Best of Luck in your resolutions! Even though I think you’re the best, I hope I don’t have to see you until next year and then will fully appreciate your sparkly teeth & promise not to comment in your shoes:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    good plan!

  3. my favorite word: Shoes! Good luck with this part if the Plan. An outfit without good shoes is like sex without foreplay..

  4. I think I could use all 5 resolutions! (except I will keep raising my money for the Ferdy Fund and Horse Power for Life.)

  5. Tony Coloe says:

    Something to help motivate you to floss, the plaque on your teeth is related to plaque that gathers in your heart, healthy teeth, a healthier heart! Check the AMA articles for details.

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