5 Tips for Actually Achieving Your Fitness Goals This Year

548709_457583694286546_1185140717_nLet’s face it folks. We have all been really good this week. I am guessing, tomorrow, some excuses will start to appear. By the first week of February, they will take over, and by March, resolutions are just trampled in a stampede of reasons “not to.”

And I am as guilty as the next do-good-resolver. So, I thought I would share some of my tips for sticking to those resolutions and actually seeing results.

This year, my resolutions boil down to one thing “FITNESS.” But not just the obvious physical kind: mental, social, and fiscal.

Physical Fitness

On Exercise:

1.Use your strengths/weaknesses to your advantage.  I am goal oriented and addicted to my iPhone. Accepting these traits is step one to recovery. So, to help me stick to my goal of attaining better physical fitness this year I have started a team to run The Broad Street Run in Philadelphia on May 5. I downloaded a training app called 21K Runner which basically assigns me a work out to complete every day. As I click the “I Did It” button after every race, an enormous sense of accomplishment washes over me–and gets me geared up for the next work out.

2. No “no time” excuse: I am busy. Very busy. But I am done with that as an excuse. I basically plan my time to exercise FIRST. Then work around that. For example, tomorrow, Monday will be a hellish day. I will work from 7 am to 3 pm and race out just in time to get Sam from school at 430. THAT IS IT.  At 4:45 I will do my work out, be done by 5:45 and start dinner. Admittedly its a marathon but by doing some simple things like making a mental commitment to it, explaining to my kids that my one hour is not negotiable, and by prepping dinner in advance, my “excuses” don’t stand a chance.

3. Accept a rotten day. Every now and then, my plan will fail: a kid will be sick, my back will hurt or the car will need gas throwing off my schedule. The important thing is to not let one bad day throw you off course. Put that day aside and start anew with Tuesday–eegads…that’s piano lesson day….

4. Enlist your friends. Who doesn’t want to get in better shape these days? Be the LEADER.  Throw it out there to your peeps–get ‘em to register for a race. Plan your schedule together. Be demanding of each other..heck, even be a little competitive. Nothing gets you hauling like having someone next to you moving just a bit faster.

5. Eat protein. Protein builds muscle. And muscles that are training  get injured and need to rebuild. Protein is the most important nutrient for that. Confession time: I sometimes eat chicken for breakfast. Wait. don’t act like you have never done it. Left over grilled chicken breast is right there in front of the sugar laden juice and the tub of nutritionally usesless cream cheese. Go for it. Right out of the tupperware…no one is looking. Trust me, you will be fuller longer than after the bowl of carefully measured puffed air. Oh. And bananas are the worst. Stop eating them. They are full of sugar and carbs and do nothing to help you achieve that flat, toned belly of your youth. Throw the “bunch” out!

Chew on these tips a while. Next time on to the heavier topics of financial and social fitness.

Do you have a tip to share about achieving physical fitness goals? Lets hear it!



  1. Yea! I use a free site called lose it.com — it’s wonderful in that it automatically calculates all your calories per day and deducts or adds for exercise done or not done through out the day. It sets up a plan of calories that you should achieve per day. No special foods to eat. It’s simply a free tracker

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