6 Signs It Has Been a Long Week

Me ( White Coat Me That Is)1. You are helping your first grader choose a sweater by carefully smelling each one as you pull it out of the hamper. “No, honey. That one is dirty. Yes I know they both were in the laundry but THAT one is really dirty.

2. You realize you have been giving yourself the following peptalk: “You. Got. This. Come. On. Now.” while packing lunches.

3. At 5:30 pm you get out of your work clothes….and immediately into your jammies and by your calculation will be in them for no less than 36 hours.

4. You manage to convince yourself that after a dessert of Dots and Swedish fish that swishing Pellegrino around in your mouth is practically the same as flossing.

5. After not flossing, you go to bed dreaming about your morning coffee.

6. You seriously contemplate the “issue” of having your six year-old get you a Corona.


  1. I hope your week gets better! Let me say I’ve totally done the hamper thing but with jeans. Kids are gonna need counseling when Grammy moves out bc they won’t have as many clean clothes at once!

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