A Christmas Miracle

One Love Lost....

One Love Lost….

Perhaps “miracle” is overstating it but I do like drama (I know you are shocked.)

Forgive me if you have heard this story in bits and pieces. To spare you the next 8-900 words, it is about diamond earrings and coffee.

For those of you still with me, here is what happened.

It was the night of our annual office holiday party–one to which we invited 57 people and got 55 yeses to–in a word: “BIG.” Everyone looks forward to this party all year. And, between us, Chris and I make up 66.6666666% of the hosts. Basically, it is good for us to show up and be on time.

The day of the party is always our annual day of shopping. We both take that Friday off, hit King of Prussia and power shop. We wrap up our shopping in time to head home to change and go straight to the party. Usually, we are the first ones there and are able to greet our guests as they arrive.

Not so this year.

I don’t really know what exactly happened, but at 7:00 PM I was still getting ready (start time of party? 7:00 PM.) Needless to say I was in a rush. And, this one thing had just happened that got me all flustered. Do not believe my husband when he tries to tell you that he walked into the room and got me all worked up. That is NOT what happened. Actually, he was involved though. After applying make-up, wiping my lipstick off three times and starting over, I made the critical error of asking him to zip my dress.

After elbowing him in the gut for his sophomoric and so predictable “Ooops! Did you say zip UP??,” I asked him if he could see my Spanx through the back. His second midsection strike was earned with “Huh? What are Spanx–uhhh I think I see ‘em–uhhh is that bad….uhhh do they hurt?” The third blow came after he spent five minutes not even trying to hide the fact that he was struggling with the zipper and concluded with “Are you sure this dress fits you?”

Needless to say, my red face was not because he was in the room….it was because he spoke.

After mopping my sweaty face, I pulled out my blingy party earrings and took out my diamond studs…the ones I wear virtually every day…the ones that are screwed into my ears and are IMPOSSIBLE to lose. These are the very same earrings that Chris, the husband I wanted to murder at the moment, had given me when our third child was born. “You are as strong, bright, and timeless as these earrings,” he had written.

I cherish those earrings.

So, as the clocked ticked I thought frantically about the best way to keep them safe. Ultimately, I grabbed a Kleenex, carefully wrapped the studs and zipped them into the change pocket of my wallet. I secured the wallet in my purse and locked the purse in the car. No chance those earrings were going anywhere.

Fast forward to the next day. I unlocked the car, removed my purse, pulled out the wallet and unzipped the change purse. There was a Kleenex alright. Unfortunately, it was a Kleenex covered in lipstick and empty of diamonds. In my rush, I zipped a dirty tissue and tossed the diamonds. We spent hours and enlisted an army of helpers to sift through every waste can and snotty tissue to no avail.

Within 48 hours, I had in hand a check from our insurance company-they really were great (shameless plug for Ed Hart at State Farm). Chris, as he usually is, was easy about it…”just go pick out other ones–maybe even upgrade a little!” I went to my favorite jeweler (shameless plug for Abbie at Ben Ari in Exton.) I looked at sparkly earrings but just did not feel it…I don’t know why.

The next morning, I brewed my Keurig coffee as Chris headed out. He always left a few minutes early to hit Starbucks. He hates the Keurig coffee.
As I stood, drinking my coffee alone, I had a thought. The only reason Chris does not have coffee with me in the morning is because it is not as good as a really good espresso or latte. Further, some days, if we don’t see each other in the morning, we won’t see each other for a full 24 hours.

I had it. I had been melancholy not because of the value of the lost earrings but because of the lost sentiment. I needed to replace that sentiment with another.

Instead of another pair of earrings, I would use the money to buy us some time…no not a weekend away…daily time..daily coffee. That night, Chris came home with our brand new Saeco Minuto Automatic Espresso machine. Not only have we had coffee together everyday this week, but I have nearly forgotten the zipper incident.

....Another Love Found

….Another Love Found

And..there is a teensy bit of that insurance money left for a different pretty something…just to heal the hurt completely.


  1. Steve Longo says:

    I assume I’m you 58th favorite person and simply just missed the invite list

  2. I love this story, just LOVE it!

  3. Thank you so much for the (awesome) shameless plug! I am always happy to help add some sparkle to your life, but so glad you replaced your earrings with something so meaningful! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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