A Word About Patient Privacy and Other House Keeping Matters

I am relatively new to blogging. However, I am not new to medicine and understand very well the importance of protecting patient privacy. Please be aware that in any post where a “patient” is mentioned, I have gone to great lengths to change identifying features in order to protect the patient. In cases where I feel the facts are paramount to the sharing of the story, I obtain permission from the patient first and then make a note to that effect in the post.

For example in A Veteran’s Day Tribute, JC , the subject of my story gave explicit permission for me to share his story. In My Most Dreaded Phone Call, the deceased patient, timing, manner and other details of death have all been altered to make that patient unidentifiable.

Personal stories about my family are always completely true although references to timing and location maybe altered slightly in the interest of story telling. For example, The BMW incident occurred on a Monday but the post was published on a Thursday (just because I don’t have time to write on Mondays!) In Is There a Doctor in the House, that sporting event actually occurred two years ago but was brought to mind by a similar event the day of posting.  Please don’t worry about my husband, dog, or children’s feelings–we have had “that” family meeting. In “The Roll Up” the exposure of my husband’s junk was finally acceptable to him (after much cajoling!)

Lastly, in posts where my medical voice comes out, please do not take any statements to be medical advice. Any and all medical information should be derived from your personal health care provider. If I am your doctor–thank you for allowing me the privilege!

Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment!




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