About Me

Who am I?

Who knew that after umpteen years of schooling, thousands of tests, and thirteen years practicing internal medicine (my patients ask ALOT of questions) THAT would be the hardest question for me to answer.

It depends on who you ask and when you ask them.

Ask my Mom and she will tell you I am her eldest of two daughters. She is proud of me. She will describe how I survived a rocky childhood as the daughter of immigrant parents. She would tell you that she tried really hard to protect us from the fighting, alcohol, and despair that defined our home.My Mom. My hero.

My GuysAsk my kids and they would each give you a little different description. Maisy, oldest daughter, would tell you I was her ever busy, occasionally moody, musically challenged Mom. Sam would tell you I was AWESOME because I took him to Lego Land even though it was a  6 hour drive. Haddie, my youngest, would say “Is my Mommy gonna be here in the morning?” She needs me most when she wakes up and right before bed.

Ask my husband and then sit down and grab a tissue. He adores me. Chris would tell you that I am the love of his life, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, an amazing doctor, a terrible driver, a ridiculously good cook, dangerously generous and at times downright infuriating.

Glad for That Elevator Ride

Glad for That Elevator Ride

Ask my staff and they will tell you I am “She.” They would say I was driven, demanding, unstoppable and at times impossible to please.

Ask me?

I am blessed. First and foremost by a husband, partner and best friend without whom I would be nothing. Second, by three beautiful, talented and inspiring kids. Third, by thousands of patients that let me into their lives in the most intimate of ways. I am appreciated, rewarded, and thanked by someone in some capacity every day.

I am also chronically tired, have a shockingly short fuse, and a weakness for cake which feeds an addiction to exercise.
I am equally at home in my starched white coat and in my stained white apron. It is writing and cooking that are my outlets.

Everyday someone asks: “How do you do it?” They mean, practice full-time, manage my business, manage my house hold, take care of my kids, and nurture my marriage all while making time to write. My answer? Not very well.

That’s it in a nutshell. Although I am good at multitasking and have enjoyed great professional and personal success as a result, the road is not always smooth. In fact, it is when I screw up the most that I am reminded of how blessed I really am.

I recently totaled a very expensive car by leaving the sunroof open. My husband buys his clothes at BJ’s, and I routinely wish death on our family dog.

You will learn that Despite My Medical Degree, life at home barrels along at break-neck speed. My practice and life do not simply intersect, they collide.

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