Christmas Morning Baby Alive Doll

before the chaos

Well, it is done.

The gifts have been opened, the migraine has arrived, and above all the looks of ecstasy and disappointment abound.

Today’s Christmas story is brought to you by a six year-old girl who loves (or so we thought) baby dolls.

For the last year, one of Haddie’s favorite things to play with is a Target baby doll she has had for a few years. The doll is named Toby–he is a boy baby. In case you don’t have a six year old girl in your life, there are no baby doll clothes made for boy baby dolls.

So, not long ago, in a moment of Mommy genius, I stopped at the Babies R Us clearance rack and bought Toby a cart load of preemie baby boy clothes. Hadley was in heaven.

Reality deepened when Hadley asked if it would be ok if she took a steak knife and “made an opening” in Toby’s non-functioning mouth. Seeing my look of horror, she quickly explained “No, no! I would do it when he was just a dolly NOT when he is actually Toby!”

We were relieved to hear that Haddie would only mutilate her doll when he was NOT in character as her son.

While shopping for her presents this year, we figured that she would love a doll that did not need plastic surgery to perform real functions. Enter: Baby Alive. The beautiful blonde baby is capable of ALL functions including eating, drinking, and well you know. After reading the full functionality of Baby Alive, I found myself hyperventilating at the thought of Hadley attempting to create a doll that REALLY pooped despite its inadequate anatomy. Khaled Hosseini would have the starts of a trilogy.

This morning, we readied our cameras as Haddie tore the paper off of the package. Instead of the squeals of delight, Hadley gave us a matter of fact “Huh. I don’t like that kind.” I was stunned speechless for a second until Chris piped up hurriedly “Hadley, she poops!”

To which we were rewarded with “Oh.My.Gosh! I have always wanted one of these!”

So there you have it folks, our first Christmas unWrap-up Headline 2013:

Little girl joyful after receiving a dolly capable of all bodily functions. To the relief of her parents and therapist, no scalpel required.


  1. Cathi Thompson says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for my Christmas morning chuckle…you never disappoint!! Have a wonderful Christmas❤️

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