Dear Chuck

One Car Being Towed Away

One Car Being Towed Away

Hi There Chuck!

This letter is really long over due. I’ve been meaning to write to thank you for all of your help over the years.

As you know, I have gotten myself into some pretty difficult situations. Somehow, you always make it seem like you have seen it all before–like it is not just me.

I know that you try really hard to help me out financially too. This last thing, well I think that $500 you shaved off literally saved my marriage.

I know you must get some grief from clients because your place is kind of a dump. I am not being mean–I’m just saying the place could use some cleaning, disinfecting, decorating (I have just the girl for you,) or a nuclear bomb. But, appearance does not matter.

What matters is that, now, when I pull into the parking lot, you come right out to say hello. Like an old friend, you remember my name and ask about my kids.

You have never made me feel irresponsible for being at your place again and again.

It is so nice to hear a MAN confirm that it is NOT always my fault.

That, sometimes, the garage doors ARE too narrow. That whoever decided to put a solid METAL mail box at the end of an S-shaped drive way should be smacked…right after the guy that created the S-shaped driveway.

It is remarkable to me how you can replace the same side-view mirror 3 times in one year and never blink.

I can’t tell you how much better I felt when you explained to me that many people do not notice the mailbox scraping the side of the car until a small ditch has been dug from front to back tire.
I was really beating myself up about that one.

Your idea to always buy cars that are the exact same color as our garage trim was brilliant…I know. How many times can one car be buffed?

Anyway, after this last situation with the water and everything, I had to drop this note.
By my calculations, you have rebuilt the entire Volvo over the years: driver’s side mirror three times, driver’s door three times, passenger door once, back bumper twice (one of those was NOT my fault–he rear-ended me,) passenger side mirror once—again, not my fault–I was very clear that I was changing lanes, and the front hood one time–no recollection how that happened. .

It seems we have already paid you enough to have just bought a brand new Volvo. God help me, Chuck. If Chris realizes that, it will be the end of me for sure.

When he comes in this week shaking his head, hand outstretched with a check for you. Go ahead and pat him on the back and ACT like you sympathize. But, let’s not forget that I have put braces on your kids’ teeth, paid their way through college and am at least on my way to covering grad school.

Let that “man to man” sympathy end quickly and quietly. You keep making my cars new again, and I promise, I will keep destroying them.

Till next time, could you replace my personalized parking spot sign in your parking lot? It just seemed to jump right in my way the other day…




  1. ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, I swear, I do. :D

  2. Can’t tell you enough how I absolutely, absolutely love your blog.Your words make me smile in the middle of busy day.They makes me feel comfortable that I am not the only one who makes promises to myself to nice to my kids and easily forgets them in the moment of fury…I am not the only one who thinks of being organized at every season and end up being more disorganized than ever.

    I love your words on the recommendation of vaccine (though still waiting on the post about FLU vaccine).Your husband is my kids doctor for last 8 years…and I am wondering when I see him next time I will be thinking about your posts and won’t be able to suppress my smile.

  3. I sometimes feel we support our mechanic singlehandedly as well. Thank you, once again, for sharing your life stories with us.

  4. Marilyn Clarke says:

    Another great way to start my day . Too funny!

  5. Way to funny lmao

  6. Sandra Kowalski says:

    AHHHH! Love it!

  7. HAHAHAHA! I’m proud to admit it’s my husband that has knocked the sideview mirror off THREE TIMES. As for me, I never even attempt to park in the garage. ;-) Thanks for a funny post that made my day!

  8. Seriously, you are truly the best!!! I LOVE reading your blogs, except for the fact I have to change my um..unmentionables after I read them because I am always peeing myself laughing!!! Thank you for that!!! Xo

  9. I need a personalized spot at Pep Boys- I’m the flat tire queen!

  10. You are so right. When wii they start making garage doors that more than a bike can fit through without getting a scratch?

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