Don’t Throw Your Playlist Out With the Song: A Message for Life

I just got back from running four miles and I feel great. Don’t roll your eyes. This is not another one of those annoying “look-how-awesome-I-am-because-I-run” posts. In fact, I had the absolute WORST run in recent memory.
I was hot, hurting and so very painfully SLOW.

My SLOWEST, yet Best Run in a Long Time.

My SLOWEST, yet Best Run in a Long Time.


So, how is it that I feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD right now? I made an important discovery in that agonizing four miles today and it has to do with my running songs.

To really understand, I have to give you a back story.

Two and a half years ago, my aunt was diagnosed with Stage III B Colon Cancer and was fighting for her life. Despite having been running consistently up until her diagnosis, when she got sick I stopped. I didn’t just stop running, I STOPPED. I stopped laughing, caring, feeling joyful…In many ways I stopped—living.

Then, on the last day of 2012 I hit bottom and decided I needed to literally and figuratively get up. I needed to move. I needed to run. I needed to live. She would want me to do those things. That was the day that I started the Team CMMD Broad Street Team. That day, after recruiting a handful of friends, I created a running playlist.

And boy did it get me far. I trained for my ten mile Broad Street Run race and then my half-marathon to that play list. I got stronger, faster, happier. My team grew. We logged thousands of miles together. We did great things.

Doing Great Things

Doing Great Things

However, like most things worth having in life, the building of the team has not been painless. And, like a heartsick teenager, I subconsciously began associating some of that pain to my playlist and stopped listening to it.

Until today….As I eeked out those four painful miles, I listened…really listened to some of the songs on that list. I remembered why they were on my playlist in the first place. I cringed at some, sped up at some, cried at some and laughed at myself for thinking some of those tunes were good for that list at all (Yes, I secretly love Hoe Down by Miley Cyrus.)

It occurred to me that my playlist is a metaphor for my life. It, is generally great, joyful and chock full of blessings. But, even the best playlist needs a little tweaking now and again.



  1. Ellen kozC says:

    I love that u shared this . Thank you!

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