I know…it has been a long time.

Believe me, I have missed you all too. I have missed the cathartic, cleansed feeling I get just after I hit “publish.” I have missed sharing the laughs and tears and virtual “Yeah, Girl! You GO!!’s” from you. I have even missed the hard, honest, sometimes mean-spirited, irreverent comments.

So, where have I been these last 18 months?

Physically, in the exact same spaces as ever: my home in Chester County, PA, more often my office down the road, and probably MOST often, wandering the aisles of Bed, Bath and Beyond marveling at ALL of the home goods and gadgets that I KNOW will make life simpler for our family.

Mentally? Well, mentally, I have been so far away. Relax, my patients. I did not become psychotic, develop an addiction, or otherwise “lose it.” Ok, I lost it a few times. Since my last post November 2016, here are some things that have happened/are happening in my life.

1. We bought, built, outfitted, and moved into a second office.
2. We said good bye to one doctor and hired another.
4. We welcomed, three new amazing nurse practitioners and one physician’s assistant.
5. We welcomed countless additional support staff.
6. We opened a dedicated call center.
6. We expanded our office hours to include every night and every weekend.
7. We transitioned from the electronic medical record we have had since 2006, to what is considered the “Rolls Royce” of medical record software programs.

Meanwhile at home,

1. Maisy took SATs, cried over SAT scores, studied for SAT retakes, rejoiced over SAT scores, visited 11 colleges, applied to 12 colleges (don’t ask,) cried over the impossibility of admission to an Ivy League school, rejoiced over her admission to an Ivy League school (Brown Class of 2022!) You can watch the best 49 seconds of our 18 years of parenthood here: In!
Then, breath, we had prom, graduation, senior week, college shopping (more BB and B time.)

2. Sam turned sixteen. No more needs to be said.

Sam's Driver's Permit: God Help Us

Sam’s Driver’s Permit: God Help Us

3. Hadley uncovered a hidden talent and love of swimming. Yes, now I am a swim mom. (Nothing but full-on respect for you ladies. This early morning stuff is no joke)

Our Fish

Our Fish

But, forget ALL of that. Yes. Set aside the last 373 words and read the following carefully. Please.

In December of 2017, Sam’s best friend growing up (practically a son to us,) was diagnosed with PNH/Aplastic Anemia at 16. This is a life-threatening condition which causes complete bone marrow failure. To say that the experience of navigating the healthcare system while agonizing over a loved one was daunting is an understatement. I am forever changed. In fact, every medical student should be mandated to spend a few months as a “patient” in this country. In many ways, it sucks. In many ways, the important ones, being a “patient” in the Northeastern US, is a gift. We found world-class care and I am happy to say Jake, after undergoing a bone marrow transplant in May, is on his way to a full recovery.

2 Boys, 10 Years:

2 Boys, 10 Years:

My intention was to end this post here with something pithy and funny about how life gets away from us when we are so busy and that we really should take more time and work less and blah blah. But then, five days ago, something nearly catastrophic happened to our family.

On Monday morning, on our way home from an amazing family weekend at the beach, my car hit a pot hole and careened off the road into a ditch then swerved into oncoming traffic. Later, after the damage was assessed, we learned that the car must have actually traveled on the right two tires, teetering on the passenger side for several seconds before crashing down and coming to a halt.

The motion was so violent that a small laptop computer on the passenger seat flew off and tore a gaping hole into the leather trim of the door. A hole. In. The. Leather.

We, the girls and I, walked away.

We really shouldn’t have. Had there been a telephone pole to our right or a faster moving car in the opposing lane, or a car directly ahead of us, or had that teetering been just a degree or two more aggressive, the car would have flipped over. We would have ALL been seriously injured if not killed.

I don’t know how it happened. All I know is that it happened in a split second. And in that moment, our lives; the big, beautiful, busy, blessed lives of above, almost ended.

So NOW to my pithy ending. When I took a minute to think about what I actually LOVE spending my time doing, it is this.

Writing. Sharing. Helping.

So, here I am. Back. Thanks for sticking with me.

*You can follow Jake’s amazing story here.


  1. Glad you are back. Have missed your musings.

  2. Amy Honig says:

    Welcome back. While you weren’t actually gone, this blog has been missed. You have many callings and are good at them all…so happy you decided to come back to this one. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. ❤️

  4. Annmarie Campagna says:

    Glad to read you and your family walked away from the accident safe. Cars can be repaired & replaced. Family cannot

  5. Deb Jorgenson says:

    You amaze me in so many ways….don’t ever change. Embrace the craziness, embrace it hard – it keeps life interesting. I’m new to your blog and am already looking forward to the next adventure! My everyday prayers are with Jake – he will beat this!!

  6. Joanne Ryder says:

    SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK! I’ve really missed your posts. And I am so thankful Jake is doing so well AND that you and your girls are safe.

  7. Mary Matus (of course) says:

    Appreciate that you’re so in touch with what’s important in this life of yours. Touched by your sense of humor in the middle of all that you’re juggling. And I’ve never met you. Well done.

  8. Cathi Thimpson says:

    So glad you are back, I’ve missed you! So glad you all are ok, live life fully….love you unconditionally

  9. Tony Coloe says:

    Welcome back!

  10. Audrey Mason says:

    You have so much to give the world; your journey through this one is definitely not over. So grateful you and your family are safe. Thank you for sharing of yourself- please don’t stop anytime soon!

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