If You Give a Mom Hot Coffee, She Is Going to Want FB to Go With It.


This morning, I woke up at my usual time for Thursday. I have a busy day on tap .
It starts fine: crawl out of bed, teeth, face, stumble to trusted Keurig, massage it with love, sip. Ahhh.

I carry my steaming mug to the home office and sit in front of the gigantic computer screen. In my head I repeat over and over again: update the bank deposits, reconcile the accounts, respond to email. Update bank, reconcile, email. Update, reconcile, email. I do this over and over again like I am giving myself a dementia questionnaire.

BECAUSE, if I don’t repeat to myself over and over, I will sit before this screen, I will do everything BUT update, reconcile, email. Then, I will be angry at myself for squandering thirty minutes on God knows what.

I think my problem is an addiction to Facebook.

There I said it. I need help. FBA (Facebook Anonymous). I am staring at news feeds, commenting, giggling, liking, commenting on the comments. Then I flip to my business page, I analyze insights and read comments. I hate my cover picture. Why does my front tooth look like that? I should get braces. Braces are $5000. So that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Speaking of money. I have to get caught up on my banking—SHIT!!!

And so it goes.

When I do extract myself from the computer screen and head to the kitchen, my mantra becomes “dishwasher, dryer, back steps.dishwasher, dryer, back steps.”

I go over to the dishwasher, open it, begin to empty. A little way through, the dog starts barking. Better let her out. Down to the basement. Oops forgot the collar, back up I go. See the collar. It’s right next to my empty coffee. Should have a fresh cup while I take Lucy out. Back to Keurig. Massage beloved machine. Coffee.

The hot mug triggers my robotic trudge back to the office where I see that I have five new FB notifications. Well! I must see what they are all about. Another thirty minutes evaporate. Now, after being up for nearly 2 hours, I still haven’t banked, emailed, walked the dog, emptied the dishwasher, loaded the dryer or cleared the back steps.

This goes on all day. All night. At home. At work. I check my phone, my texts, my mobile FB app, my email. I carry a pair of shoes to my bedroom and find myself organizing my closet. I start to water the flowers and decide I hate thistle. Next thing I know, I have Round Up and a blow torch. All the while, my trusty phone, full of its dings, bells, beeps, and alerts remains strapped to my arm like my stubborn tumor. I don’t want it but I just can’t remove it because of risk of hemorrhage and death.

I think I know the answer.

I must take a hiatus from all things involving a screen: computer, iPhone, laptop, and iPad.

My Pledge:

I will only use paper and pen to write things down.
I will not look at a screen all day.
I will complete one task before starting another.

I will do that.

Right after I post this status.


  1. Dr. Meyer……. We’re ALL addicted to our electronic thingy’s…….I have to admit I’m all for the paper and pen, too. BUT, I must admit while I was sitting in my FAVORITE doctors office the other day, flipping through some really cool magazine’s, I found a recipe for hot crap dip. I really wanted this recipe and began rummaging through my purse for a pen and paper. Couldn’t find either. I sat there for a moment when I realized “damn, I might be 59 yrs old but I know a LITTLE about all these electronic thingy’s” ……I grabbed my cell phone, quickly found the MEMO icon and typed up the recipe!

  2. Connie Eschinger says:

    I’d like to know what ” hot crap dip ” is served with……

  3. Anonymous says:
  4. Once I got the iPad my “using” escalated to a whole new level. FB, YouTube, TED, craigslist. I was on way to much. I was seeking out new apps that could somehow make my life better and me smarter. Mean while back in the house…bills,weeds,cobwebs, desk covered with paper, dust bunnies gone wild. My eye and attention to detail is off in wifi world. My daughter and I just joked about support groups last night as we watch a movie together, her on her phone me on my iPad.

  5. I’m going to contribute to your endless cycle by responding to this post, giving you one more comment you need to read… as before I sat down at my laptop this morning, with only 20 minutes to get something (anything!!) on the long to-do list done, I remembered that I was too tired to finish checking FB last night and we all know that I might have missed something REALLY IMPORTANT! ;) SO I started going down the timeline and ran across your post which I related to and felt the need to respond. It also reminded me that I need to get back to you about my appointment discussion the other week and I’ll be sure to do that…right after I finish checking FB :P It is funny though, i think part of it is a Mom thing… you start doing one thing, see something else that needs to be done so you start doing that, and onto the next. Nothing ever gets totally done…but when, by some miracle, it happens, it feels so great! It is only made worse by FB and our tech-y gear that keeps us ‘connected’ at all times… Here’s hoping we all get something done-done today! :) And, maybe we FBA-ers should start with less lofty goals than whole days without technology – maybe start with an entire hour? and while you are sleeping doesn’t count!

  6. Anonymous says:

    OMG !!!! The 1st thing I do in the morning is hit the button on the coffee maker and then the button the computer, I need something to read as i’m drinking my 1st pot of coffee in the morning.
    OOOOOOO btw Christine, I have cut back just a little. LOL LOL


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