I’ve Flunked? Really??

From a patient via email this morning: “You’ve flunked, I don’t mean a D+, I mean an F.”

Hard to read at 6am..or anytime. So, true to my life policy, where is the learning point here?

This patient had left my practice a month ago. I sent him a note asking why. He was not shy in his response. Further quotes include “your practice is an empty shell, people bustling around…just not YOU.” He goes on to point out that in 5 visits over 18 months, he saw me exactly none (except for a “fleeting hello in the hallway.”

So, if my shell is missing me, how is it that I am there early morning, late night and weekends? If my staff is bustling around, why is it that I sleep typically 5 hours a night? I am certainly not laying awake contemplating my next strategic hire so that my shell could get bigger while I sat on my laurels. Seems so unfair. But…

Back to learning. It is true that a patient should see their chosen DOCTOR when he wants to or needs to. I can’t possibly have provided him with the personalized care I am so proud of if I had never met him. Right again.

I am trying. Really trying. Every day new ideas to improve the schedule and increase my availability.

Unfortunately for this patient no “E” for effort. Just a big fat “F.”

And if memory serves, the last F I got was in fourth grade math.

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