Mammoth Scores and Epic Fails: Best and Worst Things My Kids Have Said

Fail: “Why would I want to be a doctor? I actually want to help people some day.”

Score: “Trust me Aslyn, you need to go to the nurse right now–my Mommy is a doctor.”

Fail: “Mom, you remind me of the evil Mom in Tangled with that crazy hair and freakishly big eyes.”

Score:” Mom, I saw an adorable little girl that looks more like you than I do: big blue eyes and awesome curly hair.”

Fail: ” Mom, the heroine in this book reminds me of you: she thinks the whole world revolves around her.”

Score: “Mom, the heroine in this book reminds me of you: she is strong and smart and hilarious!”

Fail: “Mom, when’s Dad coming home? I need someone really smart to help me with math.”

Score: “Mom, when are you coming home? I  miss you.”

Fail:” Why do all my friends parents have to be your patients? You know you are ruining my life right?”

Score: “MY mom managed to get  my principal and a bunch of my teachers to be on her running team– I know right–she is totally ruining my life.”

Fail: “That outfit is horrible.”

Score: “I LOVE that outfit.”

Fail:” The reason I am addicted to my phone is because I learned it from you…THANKS A LOT MOM.”

Score:”Thanks a lot Mom.”

Fail/Score: “Where’d you get ‘mammoth score? That’s an epic fail in itself?”

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