My Husband is a Fairy



After months of noticing questionable charges to our Amazon account, it all came to a head tonight.

Random charges for books kept appearing that were difficult to explain: books not of my taste, or as far as I knew, of my husband’s.

The undeniable evidence was in the form of a handwritten note that, in unmistakeable writing read:
“Deer Doktor My-R,
Thank you for the buk you sended to me. I will read it every nite with my mommy.

Your Frend,
xxxxxx”Well dear friends, it turns out, my husband is a “book fairy”
He has been analyzing his patients reading habits or lack of, their hobbies and hates and ordering and sending them SURPRISE BOOKS!

I am humbled by his gesture. This is going to be a tough one to top…perhaps surprise CAKE for my patients?

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