Open Letter To a Two-Bit Criminal

Me ( White Coat Me That Is)Dear Random Perpetrator/ Premeditating Ahole.

First, let me say thanks. If it wasn’t for your stunt last night, I would not have the joy of experiencing this piercing headache and brain fog that results from being up all night. Every now and again, a girl needs to appreciate the good sleep she normally gets.

Next, let me ask you a few questions.

1. Were you just driving around a medical condo complex at 1 am and decide to randomly and forcibly break a window–a double paned window? If so, you really need a life…or a sleep aid. Either way, I can help.

2. If, as some suggest, you are not Mr. R. Perpetrator but rather Ms. P. Ahole, may I ask you why you would do such a thing? I realize, as many people say, that I am “out there.” As in…visible. And that my team has done A LOT of amazing and public things recently. But, are you so hateful to be troubled by a bunch of people raising money for the American Cancer Society? If you are deranged enough, as my daughter hypothesizes, to be irritated that our reach has extended beyond our initially stated mission, again I will ask you to seek immediate attention.

3. If you are just pissed off at us because we wouldn’t give you the posionous drugs someone else has kept prescribing without conscience or care, I understand, but …you will thank us for that. We may have saved your life by, for once, NOT writing a script.

Lastly, and please listen to me very very carefully here. I was sad to see the office I am so proud of and worked so hard to build vandalized. But, now I am just blood-boilingly angry. How dare you? Never mind the money to fix the damage or my time lost or my sleepless night–those are EASY. How dare you try to take one of the most positive, heart-filling, joyful times of my life and plant a seed of doubt?

For a second, I gave you satisfaction. During my sleep-deprived fog, I vowed to “come in” from being out there–to come off of Facebook, and take our Team’s collective success and call it a day and a year and a lifetime. The words “I am done” crossed my mind several times.

Then, I thought of all of the unexpected moments that shatter lives: the day Miranda Nolte found out her cancer was back, the day Joe Dunn told his kids he was done fighting–and he was sorry, the day BM was told the mother of his five kids only had weeks to live–and you know what?–I got a much needed grip on myself.

You shattered a couple of panes of glass. The work my team does through my being “out there” does teeny tiny bits to pick up some shards of shattered lives. So, if it is ok with you, I will not go in. I will stay out. Perhaps even writing this is giving you too much credit but I needed to say these things for myself, my supporters, and my skeptics.

I will leave you with some advice. Whatever is boiling inside you–making you so sad or angry that you felt the need to commit this small silly act, channel it. Run ten miles for cancer victims. Set up a happy hour for a dying girl. Or, maybe just write an open letter to your own Mr. R. Perpetrator.

Thanks for taking the time to read this today…I imagine you are pretty tired too considering the night you had.



On second thought, you can call me Doctor.


  1. Marlene and Elaine says:

    Elaine and I are so sorry Christine. You and your staff deserve all of the best in life, not the heartache and heartburn caused by this very senseless act of meanness. Hang in there – whoever did this is just one person, one very depraved person. We can only hope that whoever did it did not target your practice specifically, but rather just acted like a jerk or ahole in general and your office window just happened to be in the way of his/her vandalism. Take heart – you and your staff are appreciated – truly – by so many of us patients who have benefited from your skill and dedication. This is only one person – not the majority at all.
    Hang in there. Marlene and Elaine

  2. I am so sorry you, your staff and all of your practice was so violated in this manner, Christine. I can only imagine the anger that you feel at this time. I hope the person who did this has read your words and has paused to think what his or her life has become. The whole situation is sad. Thank you for being the compassionate, dedicated, brilliant and wonderful person and physician that you are.

  3. Doc Shannon the Vet says:

    Yes you can and should call her DOCTOR. Sorry for your rough night glad you got your mind back in the right spot.

  4. Cathi Thompson says:

    I was so shocked, saddened and really really angry that some thoughtless, selfish, unconscionable A-Wipe would do such a horrible disrespectful act. I truly am disgusted that someone would even think to do this let alone actually carry it out. And yet I am so proud of you for facing it, venting, and then getting it out there! Good will always overcome the bad, all the selfless and hard work you and your team has done…this stupid ignorant act is NOTHING!!! CANCER is the bigger bully here and we are all rising to the occasion to wipe this beast out!! The meaningless little bully is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You and your team are Rock Star Heroes with pure hearts of gold, and I for one is so very, very grateful to you all! Thank you so much for always keeping it real and for always wearing your beautiful heart on your sleeve XO

  5. Kathy DeMario says:

    So sorry you had to experience such an awful act. You are one of the kindest, more thoughtful Doctors I ever had and feel truly blessed that you are my Doctor. Whoever did this, they will pay somehow, someway.

  6. Ugh, that “soiled” feeling that strangers were in your space…
    But, fear not,

    “Karma is a way bigger bitch than you will ever have to be.”

  7. Whenever I hear about these acts of vandalism, my first thought is that it is so senseless. That there is absolutely nothing to be gained from it. And it sickens me. But when it strikes someone who I respect not only as a doctor, but also as a person… well it quite frankly angers me. No reason can justify what this person has done. But it also will never change how much you are loved as a physician and a fierce advocate in the fight against cancer.

    This person, whoever he or she is, will not get away with this. Karma usually has a way of righting a despicable act. And if not in this life, then justice will certainly be served at his/her final judgement. No one ever escapes from their transgressions.

    Time will find a way to fix the things this person broke, but the fight and the good that you and your team are doing will ultimately prevail. Cancer patients, their families, as well as the families of those who have lost the battle to the ultimate beast, will always be in your corner.

  8. Ben Greisler says:

    Sometimes it is simply idiots being idiots with no deeper meaning.

    • So wishing for that Ben. Except for the series of threats (can’t say more) in recent weeks and no such acts in years in our complex including the SEVEN years that builiding was an empty shell. …..The angry threats make me skeptical but resolved in my mission. Yes they are idiots. And shallower meaning in that silly act cannot be had. If there is any depth to this vandalism, it is depth I bring on myself. So, I won’t. I paid the glass guy and moved on. Only now and again, I still get a little…I don’t know…maybe dissappointed in people??

  9. Leasa Goodwin says:

    Christine I am soooooo sorry about this. It hurt my heart to think that you ALMOST gave in. If I may…. sometimes when we are doing what we are here to do, living the life God has given us and the purpose and gift to make a difference, the Devil sets about really hard to stop us, to sway our focus and determination. Don’t stop, don’t doubt… keep doing what you are doing (but be careful ♥) you are making a difference in the lives of so many!!!

  10. Stu Grant ( The Legend ) says:

    People always try to take pop shots when your on top…Obviously the toolbag that vandalized your practice is a real winner but they can’t bring you down…..
    In all my years going to the Doctors your staff is the best I ever experienced…. Especially Joan and Clare…. They keep me together…. Thanks for all you do……Rock on!!!!!

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