Open Letter to the Broad Street Run Forecast

First, seriously?

Would you quit with the dark, scary, intimidating nonsense? You are kind of being a bully. And, I, on behalf of about 299 other people am going to stand up to you. Right here. Right now.

See…you think you are powerful. You think that being mean, nasty, and dark, you will beat us down but you really don’t get it.

Sunday morning is the end for us. It is our “moment;” one we have have prepared for for 15 weeks. Many of us signed up not being able to run a mile even in the BEST conditions. Some of us were veterans–training for our third, fourth, or even 12th Broad Street Run. We, veteran Broad Streeters will be fine. It is the fear you have instilled in our first timers that you should be ashamed of. They have come so far and worked so hard. They think that if EVERYTHING is not perfect…down to the way the breeze blows, all will be lost and months and months of training will be for nought.

Well, you rotten forecast, you may, in fact, get a few new people to back out, stay home, give up with your antics. BUT, I guarantee you will not intimidate a single one of my running mates.

How can I be so sure?

Well, frankly, and not to put you down (we all know bullies already have low self esteem,) but it is not about you. Even a little.

My team is running Broad Street on 5/1/16 for the fourth time. We run because cancer has torn apart too many lives. When we line up in our bright green shirts (albeit under trash bags and ponchos,) we will have raised over $800,000 for the American Cancer Society running this very race.

And, until this year, YOU have been such a gem..truly a gentleman with your sunshine, breeze and perfectly timed overcast skies. Remember last year? You threw in some clouds over us and the temps dipped. Then, just as the national anthem played, you allowed Sun to peek through…it was beautiful and poetic.

Team CMMD Now

Team CMMD Now

You know what else has been beautiful and poetic? How far this team has come. So many have accomplished things they never dreamed of: longer distances, faster paces, better running mojo DESPITE you. We did those things in 9 degrees and 85. We froze eyelashes, finger tips, and somehow just the left part of my upper thigh. We muddied shoes, socks and the fleshy parts of our calves slogging through puddles. We have fallen, gotten seriously injured, then gotten up, gotten stitches, gotten better and GOTTEN RIGHT BACK OUT THERE.

Frozen Eyelashes...and?

Frozen Eyelashes…and?


Because it is not about us either.

It is about our moms, sisters, friends, babies that fight the most dreaded disease on the planet. Sunday, like the last 15 weeks, is about true warriors. They endure chemo, surgery, radiation, and most of all day and night, week after week, they endure FEAR.
One of my runners had to back out–not because of something as meaningless as YOU and your scare tactics but because she is fighting her cancer for the THIRD time. She had to tell her little boys that “Mommy needs chemo again.”

Yes, running in the 50 degree rain, in a poncho, through puddles will be hard. But, it is not harder than that.

So, you do you, Weather Forecast. And we will do US …despite you.



  1. Marlene Matarazzo says:

    Inspirational!! You all are so much stronger then some silly ass rain. Go get them rain drops. Go get the bully cancer. Run with wings on your feet. Be proud of all you are doing to help so many battle cancer. How I wish I could join you. But, I am with you in my heart. Now get out there and run with the purpose that carries your team forward.

  2. See you there!

  3. okay. Now I think I love you too….Seriously, you are a leader I will follow anywhere (Well maybe not the bathroom, because that is in appropriate and really awkward if it was a single seater),

    See you in all my wet and gross mess on Sunday!

  4. Not only the 300-ish runners, but a strong squad of cheerleaders is unintimidated by that bully forecast! Rain? Schmain! Nothing will deter us from supporting this team and saving lives. Cancer sucks. A little rain can’t hold us back from fighting it.

  5. In tears can’t stop crying ! My mom died of Luekemia and on my wedding day it raines my niece at the time was 8 and wrote a letter to me saying it’s ok that it’s raining it allows grandma to see threw the floor of heaven so this broad street run my princess is running next to me and it’s ok if it rains cause my mom and her grandma who she calls her angel can see us run a race together ❤️ There are holes in the floor of heaven

  6. Love You Christine and this whole team! As a first timer I am not afraid! Bring it on! I read the rain tips posted and am going to get my aquaphor today. The good thing. I can wear capris to run in without worrying about getting too hot;)

  7. Bravo Christine! bravo! Bring it weatherman! Just bring it! I’m all in!

  8. Ok I’m gonna make the rain a positive! It’s raining tears of sorrow from Heaven for our warriors and Angels. And tears of Joy for those running for them!

  9. Jenny Reece says:

    I love you! You are a HERO!!! Thank you….thank you to you all for running, for fundraising, for friendships and bonds that are undeniably meaningful in my life and the lives of so many others!!! Wow!

    • Marlene Matarazzo says:

      You know, one rain drop never thinks it is responsible for the flood – but it plays an important part. In the same way, what each one of you is doing with the Broad Street Run is like each of you being that one rain drop. The result of your individual effort will create a flood of positive results with the fight against cancer. Don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits. Let each raindrop remind you of coming together with so many other individual raindrops to make a lasting difference against this bully called cancer. How I wish that I could run with you. But God has other plans for me and my body’s abilities. But, my spirit and prayers are with you for sure. Go get em’…

  10. Jean Shaffer says:

    Chris, I know Ed is running with you……Despite the weather I know you team will excel…

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