Paid Endorsements

To put it simply, I take exactly…


That’s right. If I mention a product or service by name it’s because it has a had some sort of impact on my day to day life. Positive or negative, my feelings are shared just because I feel like sharing them–not because someone paid me to.

For example, my mechanic Chuck of Exton Collision, has no idea he made a cameo appearance on this blog. Similarly, The Chester County Youth Orchestra would be pleased to know they got a nod from me–for zero compensation.

I love Target. That’s just the truth. No monies required.

Do you have a product you would like me to mention or review?

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Have you not been paying attention?? Your best bet is to hope your product ends up in my house. Chances are, it will find it’s way into a story–and that will cost you NOTHING!

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