Special Holiday Guest Post

First Ever Guest Post– I laughed so hard how could I not share? Thank you Steve Longo!

Despite my “lack” of medical degree…The following guest post is by Dr. Christine Meyer’s 58th favorite patient.

I was in Target this weekend and I saw a copy of Main Line Today, top doctors issue.  I said to myself, “I am sure my doctor (Dr. Christine Meyer) made the list…” and of course she did!  I was a little surprised to see her specialty” listed as “pediatrics”.  I thought to myself, “how could this happen?”

Top three reasons Dr. Christine Meyer was named Top Pediatrics Doctor, Main Line Today 2013:

1) Hump Day – August 22, 2013 – On this day, Dr. Christine Meyer assisted her perfect doctor husband (yes, all your male, married patients know Chris is perfect.  Our wives tell us all the time, “look what Dr. Meyer wrote about her husband! Why aren’t you this nice, romantic, caring” bla bla bla) by filling in at the reception desk.  Unbeknownst to Dr. Christine Meyer, at that very moment, approaching the reception desk was one of the Main Line Today Top Doctors Judges, posing as a “pleasant mom”, who wanted to pay with a credit card (gasp!).  The judge was obviously unaware that Dr. Christine Meyer was simply helping out and assumed she had switched to the “dark side of the office”.

2) Paid Endorsements
– Speaking of the dark side, Main Line Today strikes back.  Five years in a row, Dr. Christine Meyer has been selected as a top doctor.  But the editors have never been mentioned in her blog and they had had enough.  One editor was overheard saying “Even Chuck of Exton Collision has been mentioned in her blog, what about us?”

3) Christmas Present – By being named a top pediatric doctor, Dr. Christine Meyer immediately makes all of her patients feel young again!  Thank you Dr. Meyer, what a very thoughtful, Christmas gift!

Enjoy the holidays and Happy New Year!

Steve #58


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    Good Job Steve #58. I like your interpretation in item number 3.

  3. That was awesome! Well done, Steve #58.

  4. Fabulous guest post – thanks #58!

  5. Steve #58 rocks! Nice job!


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    Special Holiday Guest Post – Despite My Medical Degree…

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