Why Does it Take 26 Shattered Families for Me to Appreciate Mine?

My Guys

    This was a day my soul has needed for a very long time. It started with endless cuddling, kissing and zero rushing. Haddie and I stayed in our      jammies till noon. Then, a surprise visit from my only sister...one I thought I had lost forever. Our seven kids laughed and ran and destroyed the house all afternoon. We ate too much and laughed--really laughed---for the first time in years. When everyone had left, and Haddie was squeaky clean, she asked if she could show me her dance moves. Ordinarily, I grouch "No, it's time for bed". Ordinarily, I drag myself through the … [Read more...]

What Makes a Young Man Murder Innocent Children?

This morning my stomach is sick with sadness and worry. I am counting the moments until my own three kids burst through the door after spending the night with their grandparents. I am lucky. Dozens of parents in Connecticut today will not see their babies laugh or cry ever again. Babies...5, 6, 7 year olds. Murdered in cold blood by a 20-year-old young man with a gun. Arguments are flying about gun control, school security, and allowing God back in our schools. But, the real travesty, I think, is our country's woefully inadequate support of the mentally ill. Gun laws or not, bullet proof … [Read more...]