12 Lessons for My Son on His 12th Birthday


1. Be yourself. You are amazing just as you are. So, wear briefs instead of boxers if you feel like it. Trust me. Life is so much more than that 6th grade boy's locker room. 2. Be a good friend. Pick up your phone even if you don't feel like it--you never know when it could be THAT call. 3. Be kind. I saw you help Hadley strap her helmet on when she was giving up on it. Be THAT kid. You never know when it could save someone's day, spirit, or life. 4. Be brave. "All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage to change the world." Have THAT kind of courage. 5. Be funny. You make me … [Read more...]

Six Days, 2 Cardiac Caths and a Ruptured Bladder

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OK the last item is not exactly true--but close. My mother-in-law loves to travel to "remote" and "rustic" places. Translation: God-forsaken destinations without a Four Seasons Hotel for hundreds of miles. This week she had a trip planned to some national parks out west. My father-in-law was going along willingly--but not by much. After the 4 flights and 27 hours to get to their destination, they were to spend one week hiking and loving nature at 8000 feet. Translation: sweating their tails off for no good reason--we have trees here (not to mention a lovely Four Seasons.) Aside: … [Read more...]

Casualties of War: BMW and Starbucks Travel Cup

Some things you need to know: First,  neither Chris nor I are "car snobs." However, he likes finely made machines and turned 40 a few years ago. These two facts necessitated the purchase of a "cool car." Second, when we built our house we did not upgrade to the wider garage doors. Third, we do not have "my car" and "his car." Basically, there's the "you-got-the-kids-and-dog car" and  the BMW. Therefore neither of us really has a "car" home. You know, the one in which the radio stations are pre-programmed to Coffeehouse and Oprah, NOT NPR and String Quartets. In this car,  you know how … [Read more...]

Is There a Doctor In the House?

Perhaps more than one even. Yes, the following will for sure, rank up as one of my LEAST proud moments. First, let me say that I am really proud to be a doctor. I am proud to have survived med school (including the 12 hour day all 3rd year students had to spend doing PAP smear after PAP smear on well paid "teaching consultants"--I will never forget the deftness with which Tanya inserted a speculum into her own vagina while lying flat on her back). I am proud to have survived residency (including the day during my surgical rotation where I was asked by my senior resident to "wrap those … [Read more...]

If I Managed My Business the Way I Manage My Household

I would be broke. It really boils down to four things: Organization, Communication, Budget Mindedness, and People Skills. I am not going to mince words or wax humble: I am a good business woman. What about Meyer Family, LLC? Yep. Not so much. I took a few of yesterdays TRUE occurences and translated them to business situations just for kicks. Organization CMMD I have a computerized schedule that is color coded and broken down into 15 minute or 30 minute slots. Patients are meticulously scheduled using a painfully rigorous set of rules laminated and placed strategically by … [Read more...]