To Err Is Human But to Hear About It on Facebook??


I am, admittedly, a social media junky--and Facebook is my drug of choice. At home, nothing makes me happier than a house full of laughing people. So for me, Facebook extends that cocktail party into all hours and allows guests and hosts to transcend time and place. Mostly we laugh and browse and chat and like. Sometimes we rant and rave and cry. In the end, we feel fulfilled, heard, validated, and liked (in the old and new sense of the word) Tonight, though, Facebook made me sick to my stomach. I felt sad, angry, and betrayed. I moped around all afternoon snapping at my kids, avoiding … [Read more...]

If You Give a Mom Hot Coffee, She Is Going to Want FB to Go With It.


  This morning, I woke up at my usual time for Thursday. I have a busy day on tap . It starts fine: crawl out of bed, teeth, face, stumble to trusted Keurig, massage it with love, sip. Ahhh. I carry my steaming mug to the home office and sit in front of the gigantic computer screen. In my head I repeat over and over again: update the bank deposits, reconcile the accounts, respond to email. Update bank, reconcile, email. Update, reconcile, email. I do this over and over again like I am giving myself a dementia questionnaire. BECAUSE, if I don’t repeat to myself over and over, I will … [Read more...]