Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Not Even This Many Was Enough

In case you are new to my blog/life, I hate Mondays. Yesterday was no different. I wrapped up a grueling day at the office while racing against the clock. I had made it a personal goal to leave the office no later than 3:30. At 4:45 I arrived at home to begin my weekly evening as a single mom. In preparation, I gave myself my weekly mental pep talk. 1. Be calm. 2. Be patient. 3. Laugh 4. Cook dinner, don't order out. 5. Don't scream at anyone. These five points are repeated over and over and over in my mind for the six minute ride home. Upon entering the house, I am … [Read more...]

If I Managed My Business the Way I Manage My Household

I would be broke. It really boils down to four things: Organization, Communication, Budget Mindedness, and People Skills. I am not going to mince words or wax humble: I am a good business woman. What about Meyer Family, LLC? Yep. Not so much. I took a few of yesterdays TRUE occurences and translated them to business situations just for kicks. Organization CMMD I have a computerized schedule that is color coded and broken down into 15 minute or 30 minute slots. Patients are meticulously scheduled using a painfully rigorous set of rules laminated and placed strategically by … [Read more...]