5 Flu Vaccine Myths Debunked

Training Weapon vs Actual Weapon
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Every August I go through a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I am sad to see summer ending, elated to have un-bored kids again, and anxious. It is time to center myself, consider yoga, or become a Buddhist. It is time for.....the flu vaccine. For about the next six months, my job will take on an added layer of stress. I will spend hours upon hours educating, explaining, answering, and sometimes down right pleading with patients to get their flu vaccine. Over the coming months, countless patients will listen to my earnest plea and say a polite "No, thank you." So, this year, instead … [Read more...]

Flu Symptoms and Treatment

Influenza (the flu) is on many minds right now. Just before the I left my office, we had three patients test positive for the flu. Last year our flu season was really nonexistent. We are paying for it now. By the way my office has been the last few seeks, it is going to be bad: lots of cases of the flu, and lots of people getting fairly sick from it. I am going to step outside of the character of this blog for a bit to outline the symptoms, diagnosis, dangers, and treatment of the flu. Symptoms of the Flu 1. Fever--typically 101 or higher 2. Body aches-- as in "I feel like I got … [Read more...]