12 Lessons for My Son on His 12th Birthday


1. Be yourself. You are amazing just as you are. So, wear briefs instead of boxers if you feel like it. Trust me. Life is so much more than that 6th grade boy's locker room. 2. Be a good friend. Pick up your phone even if you don't feel like it--you never know when it could be THAT call. 3. Be kind. I saw you help Hadley strap her helmet on when she was giving up on it. Be THAT kid. You never know when it could save someone's day, spirit, or life. 4. Be brave. "All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage to change the world." Have THAT kind of courage. 5. Be funny. You make me … [Read more...]

Kids Are Sponges

expiration date courtesy the right truth

We all know kids are sponges. And, my Hadley is no exception. Just when I think she's not paying attention, she totally is. Admittedly, I don't always sensor my work conversations when she is around. We were all in the car today when I took a call from a funeral director. He needed me to sign a death certificate. "When did the patient expire?" I asked. I jotted a few things on the Starbucks napkin in the console with my eyeliner. I looked into the rearview mirror and caught Hadley's stunned expression. "Mom? What does "expire" mean?" Sammy instantly chimed in from the back: … [Read more...]

Mammoth Scores and Epic Fails: Best and Worst Things My Kids Have Said

Fail: "Why would I want to be a doctor? I actually want to help people some day." Score: "Trust me Aslyn, you need to go to the nurse right now--my Mommy is a doctor." Fail: "Mom, you remind me of the evil Mom in Tangled with that crazy hair and freakishly big eyes." Score:" Mom, I saw an adorable little girl that looks more like you than I do: big blue eyes and awesome curly hair." Fail: " Mom, the heroine in this book reminds me of you: she thinks the whole world revolves around her." Score: "Mom, the heroine in this book reminds me of you: she is strong and smart and … [Read more...]