The Talk: How My 14 year-old Left ME Speechless

I talk. A lot. All day. About ALL sorts of things. I talk about breasts, uteruses (or uteri--never sure of the plural on that.) I talk about prostates and PAP smears. In a word, it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers when it comes to matters of the human body and what it's capable of. That is until today. See, even though Chris and I have a 50-50 relationship, there are some things that are "assigned" and not negotiable. He does all the car stuff (especially since the untimely demise of the BMW.) I do all the shoe shopping. It is an agreement that works. In the last year (OK maybe two) Chris … [Read more...]

The Bedroom Project–Gone Bad


I think it was a perfect storm--a trifecta really--caused by the following 3 undeniable facts. 1. Sam now takes at least 3 showers a day. 2. Sam cannot be seen nor can he see anyone else in any state of undress. 3. Maisy needs to live on an island- it really would be for the best. It all came to a head as a result of furniture/bedroom rearranging fiasco that took place this Saturday. Well, it STARTED this Saturday and should be completed...oh sometime around Easter (as long as Easter is very late this year.) In our house, Maisy has her own room with it's own bathroom. The last … [Read more...]